Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friday Night Sew in Results

hometown fabricIt has been forever since I participated in Friday Night Sew In and I’ve missed it!  Thanks to Wendy for of Sugarlane Quilts for sponsoring in Heidi's absence.  Of course, there were many Friday nights over the past year I still sewed, but just didn’t bother with signing up or committing to do a blog post about it.  I thought it would be fun to get back into it since I started to blog again.  My oldest sister just purchased her first home and I am so thrilled about it!  Her and her family are so excited to have a bigger house and the kids to have their own rooms!  I look forward to my next visit so I can see it in person. 
I decided for her housewarming gift, to make her a quilt using Sweetwater’s Hometown fabric.  I actually won 4 charm packs a few years ago and I also purchased binding fabric and the backing fabric shortly after that had just been sitting around.  I think the fabric will be perfect because she said she was going to be decorating her house in the cranberry color that is featured in the collection. 
hometown hst stackThe hardest part, I believe in making a quilt, is figuring out the design.  This will be my 5th quilt and I am excited to start working on it. (I still have to share my 3rd and 4th quilts with y’all and will soon).  I spent hours perusing my quilt patterns and free ones online.  I almost decided to just sew the 5” squares randomly and make it simple, buuut decided against it because I wanted it to be more interesting than that.  So I am making HSTs.  The stack in the photo is what I completed on Friday night.  I have since been working on more during the weekend and have the whole stack sewn on one side of the center line.  Since I decided on the HSTs, I think I will have enough leftovers to make her more than just a quilt, perhaps a throw pillow and maybe a table runner and dish towels.  That’s my goal. 
In other news: We went to see Pacific Rim in 3D with DH’s coworkers yesterday, it was surprisingly good.  The 3D was amazing.  Not sure I would have liked the movie as much if it was in 2D.  We love going to the movies, even thought about going again today even but we have a lot of housework to do, so we may not. 
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rock 'n Romance Summer Top

I'm not sure who is still reading my blog but hey if you're still out there - hi after EXACTLY a whole year of no posts!  If you are reading this post, I would LOVE to hear from you, so please leave a comment saying hello.  It would be nice to know I'm talking to someone after all this time!

There's no guarantee I will post again on a regular basis because I have to admit, this last year has been really nice but was filled with many ups & downs.  For those who follow me on Facebook, you will know what I am talking about.  If not, it's not something I really want to chat about.  Just know that everything is all right, life is good. I am blessed.

Last weekend we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary - so crazy it's been that long!!  Since I had a 4 1/2 day weekend, I celebrated it by sewing ALL weekend and it was awesome!  I made halter tops out of 4 of my t-shirts, took in 2 tops that were too big on me, sewed 3 tops from scratch (no pattern), made 2 headbands and an infinity scarf!

Here is one of the tops I made from this post by The Daily Stitch No Pattern Required Summer Top tutorial. It was easy to follow but I ended up making a mistake with my cutting and had to 'add on' some other fabric from the Rock 'n Romance fabric I had by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics.  I like it like that though! Then, I ended up putting too much fabric in the bust area and had to take some in with darts so it wasn't so full but it's still too full.  It is so comfy though, so that's o.k.!  I also made a matching braided headband because I just can't stand to have my hair touch my face.

We ended up going to get pedicures (I was not sure John would want to do it, but he was game and sure enjoyed it too).  He picked out OPI Don't Mess with OPI green for my toes and ended up painting his as well - lol.  Afterward, we went to a nice Indian restaurant we had been wanting to try for a while now.  It was delicious.  Afterward, we visited his dad & stepmom since we hadn't seen them in a while.  

I'm thinking of not posting on this blog anymore since I don't have any plans to continue stamping and this blog was primarily about stamping and the serenity I got in doing so.  To be honest, I got burned out which is one reason I quit design work about a year & a half go.  I simply was not enjoying it anymore.  My new blog will be generic and not specific to any craft I do because I do like to dabble in so many things!!  

So once again, please let me know you're out there still!  Thanks for reading.  Feel free to find me on Facebook or Instagram if you would like to keep up with my life (I post there more) 

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