Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hidden Message Slider

I love this card - compliments of Beate Johns!! The colors, the stamp set, everything!
I met Beate for the 2nd time at the Dallas SCS Shoebox Swap in Oct 2006 hosted by Milette. It was an awesome time - from riding up with Jeanne S, Jenn Balcer & Michelle, stopping in Salado on the way up & back, meeting a bunch of SCSer's, all the great presentations, samples & swaps to the wonderful dinner with Texasgrammy, Emilymomto3boys, StamperSharon, JackieG, Beate, Milette, Jenn, Jeanne (I hope I didn't forget anyone). It was a memorable time! I practically begged Beate for one of her cards, she was out but so graciously offered me one she had materials for that she was making for her downline. That was so sweet!! Well, I finally put it together today (I know, for shame) but I've had a LOT going on lately...I promise. I put the top greeting a little high so I know for next time to move it up a little. Thanks, Beate!! You're so awesome!! Check out the tutorial by Beate here Hidden Message Slider Tutorial
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3 comments on "Hidden Message Slider"

Allison on 5:18 PM CST said...

This is great...thanks for the link because now I don't have to go find it!

StamperSharon said...

Beate's card was fabulous and you did a wonderful job recreating it, Donna! It was great to see you again in Dallas!

Beate said...

Hi Donna,,
I just found your blog! I had a wonderful time in Dallas. It was so great to meet all the Texas demos again. How I miss Texas!

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