Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Love with Stitch in Color

stitch in color bow purse

Back in February, my friend Stephanie and I visited our favorite LQS, The Cotton Cupboard because they were having a different sale every day that month!  As soon as I walked in the door, my eyes immediately were drawn to some new fabrics Stitch in Color by local artist Malka Dubrowsky (Moda fabrics).  I practically drooled all over them and proceeded to hem and haw over which ones to get and well, let’s just say that I walked out with way more than I usually do because I found the PERFECT fabric to make a Luscious bow tote with! 

Link up your entry starting June 10!

I adore how this turned out and I am entering it in Ellison Lane Quilts Summer Sewing Contest!  This purse was a lot of fun to make and the pattern easy to follow too.  


stitch in color inside

Here is a picture of the inside, just as fun as the outside, wouldn’t you say?  Many months ago I was blessed to win an assortment of Aurifil threads and for this one, I used a FUN multicolored one, you can see the thread close up if you click on the photo. 

stitch in color clutchAnd because I am so in love with this fabric, I totally had to go overboard with my accessories too.  lol.  I made a simple clutch/makeup bag.



stitch in color keychain

I made a cute little keychain.





stitch in color sunglass caseI made a fun sunglass case.  Unfortunately I can’t find the gal’s blog that I saw the tutorial on it for. 




stitch in color zippy wallet

and last but not least, my FAVORITE besides the purse of course, is my Stitch in Color Zippy Wallet!  I made mine a little larger than Anna did so the credit cards could fit better.


Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and InspirationI rounded out my collection by purchasing this book, which is signed by Malka.  TONS of great bold, fresh quilting projects in there!

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5 comments on "In Love with Stitch in Color"

Karyn on 12:59 AM CDT said...

Beautiful colours, Donna. And such details. Wow.

Laurie in Maine on 5:53 AM CDT said...

How funny... my closest LQS is also called Cotton Cupboard :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not very consistent at blogging - I mostly write like I was updating news around here to my grown daughters.
I actually visited yesterday and read about the changes in your life...must have clicked your Purse Palooza bag on Flickr - I like it :) I should try hard to leave a comment or 2 when I blog hop!

Malka Dubrawsky on 6:38 PM CDT said...

Great job, Donna!

Rosy Newlun on 5:27 AM CDT said...

Wooo my head is swirling (maybe from lack of sleep LOL) from all the beautiful colors!!! So vibrant, energetic, fun & mod - what a spectacular set of art you have created here. I'm keeping one eye on you :D miss you!

Khristina aka Khris on 4:28 PM CDT said...

cute fabrics must be thrilled with what you have done...Khris

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