Sunday, June 10, 2012

Purse Palooza, new chapter and new ‘do!

pleated tote June 2012

First up is my new tote/purse I made this week to enter in the 2012 Purse Palooza contest that is happening at Sew Sweetness.  When on vacation in CA in April, I wanted to check out a fabric store or two but we only had time for one, and immediately my eyes locked in on these gorgeous fabrics by Alexander Henry.  The pattern is the Pleated Tote by Artsy Crafty Babe, Rebeka Lambert.  This is the 2nd purse I have made from her patterns, which are easy to follow and usually only require 2 (1/2 yd) fabrics.  The purse and inside pockets are Barcelona, straps and lining are Sol, which can be viewed here.  I just adore bold, bright prints for my purses so they can be worn with many colors!

Here is a view of one of the inside pockets.  I love that this purse is inside pleated totelarge enough to fit all the contents of my purse PLUS my Toshiba tablet.  Can’t wait to show it off! 

Here is a link to all the entries for the contest, there are some awesome prizes up for grabs!  I am enjoying all the inspiration for reviews of purse patterns, there are giveaways every day too so be sure to check it out! 

NEW CHAPTER: I am not sure if anyone noticed or not but the Gina K design team had a release about a week and a half ago and I am no longer a part of the team.  I stepped down May 1 after much consideration and prayer.  It is just time to enter into a new chapter in my life.  I am not ready to share about it yet, so just trust me that it’s for a great reason and I have incredible peace about it and am excited too!  I hope I do not lose all of my readers but if I do, that is o.k.  My posting will not stop all together but it will be sporadic and just when I feel like posting, not when I feel I have to.  I need to live a life of no commitments after having been on design teams for 4+ years in addition to working full-time.  Stamping was beginning to be more like a job (something I had to do), rather than something fun (something I wanted to do).  In fact, since I quit, I have stamped only 1 card and it was not as enjoyable as it had been in the past.  My sweet niece Gabriella graduated from kindergarten and I wanted to send her a card.  I felt bad I did not put as much effort into it as usual, but that’s how things have changed for me.  I am a firm believer that there is a season for everything and my season for design team work has come to an end. 


NEW ‘DO: Now for my new hairdo!  I have been growing my hair out for a few years now, with the intention of donating it to Locks of Love, which I have wanted to do for a LONG time now but just never managed to grow it out long enough because it would bug me!  Here is the before picture.  I had a long, thick ponytail!


after 1


Here it is right after the ponytail cut!  My reaction afterward surprised me.  I got tears in my eyes, I couldn’t believe it was gone and tears of joy with doing this great thing for someone less fortunate who had lost all their hair. 


new haircutHere it is after it was blown out and straightened, which I may or may not take the time to do myself!  One thing for sure is, it feels amazing on my neck,  have so much hair, I put it up 9.5 times out of 10!  No need to anymore! 




IMG_4099and here is how it looked the day after.  I have more wave & curl to my hair so it is less work for me to let it go natural. 






Thanks for stopping by, whoever is still reading my blog! *smile*

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11 comments on "Purse Palooza, new chapter and new ‘do!"

Linda on 3:09 PM CDT said...

Donna, love the new hairdo! Very cute! I also understand the need for change. You'll still have me as a reader; )

Becky M on 4:07 PM CDT said...

Cute bag, live the fabric choices. And kudos for cutting your hair! I just did the same and it felt so good.

June K on 9:49 PM CDT said...

Beautiful bag. Love your new 'do.

Pam Zirbel 'One Woman Creations' on 9:56 AM CDT said...

Your hair cut is great! Wish I could do that! I to have [mine is anyways] wayy to curly [Italian and Irish here!] and when I had cut it short...I looked like '50% more cotton on the swab!!', that is a great idea and thank you for thinking of the less fortunate!!! Enjoy!!

Casmiles on 9:58 AM CDT said...

Donna - first I LOVE YOUR HAIR CUT. It's very cute on you. Lots of changes in your life, and they will have yield positive results. You are number 1 and that is what we all need to remember. We have to make choices that benefit us. I certainly understand stepping down from the design teams. When it's work, it's not as much fun. People were always telling me to open a stamp store - and I knew I didn't want the work aspect of it. I want to enjoy it. Love your purse too. Beautiful! Will look at the other stuff a bit later as I've got company and we're off to "play". And, you came to CA - where? I hope not too near me, I'd be disappointed if I missed you. I know I've been very quiet lately, but that's been across the board due to work and family. But you can count on me to continue to follow your blog. I've always enjoyed keeping up with your creativity, travels, quilting, pets, travels and more, so keep on blogging (whenever you get the inclination to do so) - I'll be here. Sometimes I'm a few weeks behind, but I catch up. Keep smiling.

thestampinglady on 10:39 AM CDT said...

Love the purse and love the hair. I will continue to read your blog. I have always enjoyed all the side line stories. As a stamper, I too stamp less and less than just a couple of years ago. Till next time...Darlene

catdidit on 6:48 PM CDT said...

I just love your new hair cut! I did the same, about 3 years ago, donated 12 inches to locks of love, it made cutting it off less hurtful, lol! You look so awesome with your new do though!

And also LOVE the purse! I NEED ONE! good luck to you my friend in that contest...its a winner in my book!

And dont be a stranger! Cause I still want to hear about whatever is going on with you and your life! ;P

Madeleen on 1:38 AM CDT said...

All the best with this new chapter in your life/lives! I will miss your paper creations but I'm looking forward to still be seeing your sewing creations! Hugs!

Auntie Em on 8:10 PM CDT said...

Your new hair do looks great! And what a great thing to do with all your beautiful hair that was cut off.
I totally understand what you mean about needing to step down from being obliged to create. It takes the fun out of it. It's the reason I have never tried out for a design team.
I hope you soon feel the urge to return to your paper crafting and get enjoyment from of creating your pretty cards out of love for family and friends. {{{Hugs}}} :)

Michelle on 12:43 PM CDT said...

Love love love the bag! It's so cheerful. Your new hair is so sassy and cute. It's a great cut for you.

Chez on 12:27 PM CDT said...

Cute haircut!! I can't believe how long it had gotten! Congrats on the change in focus - I know whatever you spend your time on will be beautiful!!

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