Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hometown Quilt moving along

4 blocks

Here is a little progress on the quilt I am making for my sister as a housewarming gift!  I have 8 blocks done and this is just 4 of them.  Sorry for the bad picture, had to use my phone because my husband has the camera today and he’s not home right now. 

I love this design – so glad I found a great tutorial for it online on A Quilt Story.  I am thinking all the time about what quilt design to do, I am thinking ivory thread in just the ivory sections.  I know I will be practicing and using one of Angela Walter’s designs since I purchased her book Free-Motion Quilting.  It is a great resource!  I just go back & forth about whether I will quilt it at home or visit my LQS to do it on the long arm. 

Have you ever listened to the podcasts on All People Quilt radio with Pat Sloan?  I love listening to it at work, I have pretty much listened to them all already, and usually jot down notes of blogs I want to visit, or tips I want to remember.  Well, the other day I realized they have great videos (click to see them) on there as well so I started to watch those too.  Learned a great tip about reducing the bulk at my seams on my blocks- by pressing correctly and clipping your seam allowances on the intersections. Watch the Pressing to prevent bulk video to see!  Of course  I never would have thought of that on my own.  This is my 5th quilt and I have a feeling I will still be learning new stuff even when I am on my 25th quilt!  So far each one has been so different. 

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