Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gabriella's One Year Photo!

Here is a picture of my sweet adorable niece! This was taken a few weeks before her 1st birthday. She is wearing a dress I picked out for her. She has the sweetest smile, disposition (smiling & laughing first thing in the morning & all day long) I just had to share her with you!! I enjoyed EVERY minute of the 4 days we spent with her but most of all her joyous laughter as I playfully exaggerated each step down the stairs we took in the model homes we toured around the Bay Area. I realized making a mundane task such as stairs a little fun for a baby makes it equally as fun for an adult. Geez, I miss her so much already (tears in my eyes)
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2 comments on "Gabriella's One Year Photo!"

Maria said...

DonnaB! she's adorable. Hadn't seen pictures from her since I saw some newborn pix a year ago. Hope Val & hubby (sorry, can't remember his name) are doing great.

scrappintrish on 8:42 AM CDT said...

awwww.. What a cutie! I love her little pink dress.. awww.. too adorable!

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