Thursday, May 10, 2007

Proud of my Friend Jeanne!!!

I just have to toot the horn of my downline & friend Jeanne Streiff who has been named one of the Design Team members for Lizzie Anne Designs and is also a design member of My Favorite Things.

Jeanne is the sweetest, fun-loving, generous & downright Artsy Fartsy (that's what her DH Joe affectionately calls her) gal you'll meet! I met Jeanne at a Stampin' Up! workshop I was demonstrator at 2 1/2 years ago. She was the epitome of the future demonstrator; she was there early, she helped out, she out shined everyone with her make 'n take, stayed after to help clean up (she lived next door to the hostess) oh and I can't forget she bought a boat load of stuff! I have to tell you a funny story too! I had about a 40 min drive from my house to the hostess' house. She knew she'd be late in arriving so she asked Jeanne to keep a lookout for me & let me in when I arrived. But I didn't know this. So here I am after having drank a whole diet coke on my ride ther (big mistake) and I couldn't FIND the hostess' house! She didn't have a # there. I was looking all over the street for that house! Well, finally Jeanne caught a glimpse of me & asked if I was the demo and I said yes, I'm looking for Valerie's house. Then she told me she was there to let me in. I said something like, 'Thank God - I really need to go to the restroom! I'm about to have an accident!) Jeanne saved the day!

We've had some great memories & I was so glad she decided to sign after about 3+ months attending her friend's workshops because I knew the benefits not only for her but for me & my downline. Jeanne is so generous with her creativity, her home (she hosted several of our get togethers because she has an AWESEOME stamp room!) and is a great friend!!! If you ever have a chance to get to know her - you BETTER! She will make you laugh - hers is very infectious! I love you, Jeanne & I'm SO very proud of you!!! Pin It

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Jeanne S on 5:03 PM CDT said...

You're too funny Donna! Glad I saved you from having to find a bush somewhere...hehe

Cheryl on 7:17 PM CDT said...

Jeanne is one of my very favorite Splitcoasters!! I know when I see Jeanne's name that I am going to love her work. Everything she does is so great. I enjoy her blog too.
Congrats to you Jeanne and congrats to you Donna for having "discovered" this great talent.
Cheryl Sims

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