Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gearing up for our holiday party!!


I am busy preparing for a house full of up to 25 guests – combined holiday party/housewarming since we have not had time to do a housewarming party since we moved in!  This is just for John’s co-workers who are like family; we always do stuff together like go to the movies, celebrate birthdays, watch the fights, etc but I realized we never get together during Christmas outside of their work shindig (which I haven’t been able to go to since I went back to work) so we are having them over here!  I am so excited (but already exhausted since we entertained at the house last weekend too!) oh well…it will just make this year that much more memorable.  Here is a picture of our decorated tree and hearth.  This is my first time to get a Noble Fir tree, I just LOVE it.  Decorated in red, white & silver with white lights.  The poinsettias are real.  I just noticed I had moved the little chest and reindeer from the right side because we took a picture and I forgot to move them back.  duh. 

I will be back in a few days after I recover from the madness and have some pictures to share.  Hope you have a great weekend! 

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6 comments on "Gearing up for our holiday party!!"

Karen Motz on 1:02 PM CST said...

This looks SO festive!! Have a wonderful party!!

Carolina on 2:51 PM CST said...

Your Christmas decor looks amazing!!! Hope you have an amazing party, can't wait to see the pics! Hugs & Love.

Lori on 4:37 PM CST said...

Beautiful! Hope you have a fantastic time!

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl on 9:06 PM CST said...

Oh Donna! This looks GORGEOUS! Have a wonderful time at your party! I wish we could have a TE part-ay at your new home!!! How FUN would that be???

Charmaine (CharmWarm) on 9:39 AM CST said...

That looks so cozy, festive and inviting! LOVE it Donna! Hope your party was great!

Melanie on 12:55 AM CST said...

so grogeosu with your lights aorund the poinsettia!

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