Saturday, July 21, 2007

Beaded Bookmark

I made this bookmark for myself last month - everyone who reads deserves to have a pretty bookmark instead of a receipt, post-it note, etc (unless that's what they really like). So I decided to make myself one. I like it - I never had posted it before because I kept forgetting about it until I saw Taylor's Post about What is This today? Seems like 5 of them made it into her bag anonymously & she was not sure what it was this is a visual for her. What do you think?? I think I'm going to make some as gifts for Christmas or try to sell some.
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2 comments on "Beaded Bookmark"

TerryK on 1:02 AM CDT said...

It gorgeous Donna!!!! I think they are great!!! Take Care!! Hugs!! TerryK

Tina on 4:48 PM CDT said...

Love it. What do you use to 1) string the beads on and 2) how do you "tie" the ends? Thanks! Tina

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