Thursday, July 26, 2007


I’ve been thinking a lot about gifts lately & wanted to share some experiences & thoughts on the subject.

I was recently blessed by one of my best friends for my birthday. Last month, Danielle met me for Sat. breakfast (so her DH could be with the kids: Abigail 4 years and Megan 5 months) and we shared for a few had been months since the 2 of us had time alone with her busy schedule and our recent move/vacation. In fact, the last time had been a few weeks before she gave birth (I treated her to a spa afternoon & lunch) which she thoroughly enjoyed and so did I. It seemed like no time had passed at all that Sat. morning but we sure had a lot to talk about! At one point she told me she intended to have a gift for me & thought about bringing me flowers but ran out of time and decided against it. Then she said something so special…she wanted to give me her time. Toward the end of our time together I was brought to tears thinking about our friendship, pur great times together, the heartfelt hugs & really meaning it when we say, "I LOVE YOU"

Our friendship has grown since we met when Abigail was 8 months old at a Stampin' Up! workshop. I was the demo & she attended it, trying to tend to her nursing baby while soaking it all in. She threw so many red flags & decided to take the leap as a demo 2 months later. We went to convention together that year & had a blast! We were used to getting together at least several times a month, most times on her way home from work to share exciting projects, ideas & a meal. We always have a lot to talk about and it goes way past stamping. Since that day in January we met, both of our Stampin’ Up! experiences have changed & expressed our uncertainties about how much longer we will hang on. I assured her she would not hurt my feelings if she got out because I know she needs to do what is right for her & her family. I know one thing about our friendship - it’s more than just friends…it’s a sisterhood. Danielle never had a sister growing up & I remember one time we shared about that and she told me I was like the sister she never grew up with. I feel the same way because I care for & love her like a sister. We have a few other things in common too, we’re both transplants from CA (Bay Area -even went to the same college but not at the same time) and both love Filipino food!

How special is the gift of time when it is the most valuable commodity? I've learned over the years how quickly it can be lost or the ramifications if you do not 'carpe diem' (seize the day) or not cherish it when someone is here one minute & gone the next. I think the gift of time is the most practical gift and should be appreciated & highly regarded. I know with Danielle her time is scarce, being a working mom & wife.

Last weekend, John and I watched Abigail & Megan so her & her husband could go on a date (it would be their first time since Megan arrived). We all ate lunch together & we got quick instructions & they were off to see Harry Potter (we all love HP & she brought the books for me to start reading). We enjoyed our time with the girls - they were so good. When they got back we all just chilled & talked more - then we got the sweetest email from her on her way home: "Kimo, Abigail, Megan & I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your generosity today. The gift of your time spent with us is very appreciated. We are very honored and touched by your kindness. But most of all very blessed to have such special friends like you in our lives."

It was my turn to return the gift of time to her. Although our time together is always precious, it means more now to me than ever. Danielle - I love you dearly & cherish our friendship. Pin It

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