Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Betty O. tagged me

I've been Tagged by Betty O.!!!

I've been tagged by Betty O. at Creating my Memories. I’m supposed to tell y'all 7 things about myself that I don’t think you know.

Here are the rules Betty posted...but since I don't always play by the rules & this tagging thing has been going around a long time - I bet a lot of people have already been tagged. A lot of people say if they see your tag & want to play - just do it (like Nike)

* I must post 7 random things about me
* Tag 7 other bloggers to do the same (but I decided not to because it’s going to be hard finding someone’s who’s not been tagged!)
* Post rules and the bloggers I tagged here.
* Leave tagged bloggers comments on their site so they know they've been tagged.

1. My favorite candy is Bit ‘O Honey and I can only find it at Dollar Tree (not all of them) and the bar at Spec's (discovered last weekend)
2. I’d like to visit Hawaii on vacation someday although I know DH is not crazy about the idea
3. I love it when my baby Elsie snuggles up next to me during the night (she’s my cat)
4. I love all the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” books!!
5. I’d love to adopt or foster a child someday
6. I don’t care for giving/receiving gifts just because it’s a holiday (ie Christmas) and that’s what you’re supposed to do. I’d rather give a ‘just because’ gift at a random time to make the person feel more special.
7. I don’t like talking the minute I get home from work…I like a little quiet time (unwinding from doing stuff for others all day because I HAVE to) Pin It

3 comments on "Betty O. tagged me"

SpAzzGiRL on 10:16 AM CDT said...

Love bit 'o honey! My mom used to forbid it because she was sure it would pull out our fillings. That and slo pokes were taboo in our house which made me want them more. lol

Tex on 10:15 PM CDT said...

I'm late! I'm late! hahaha
I came here to 'tag' you, Donna! How could I be just 1 post late? Awwww, I remember Bit'O'Honey candy! And I do enjoy the "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" books too!


Kristine on 7:11 AM CDT said...

OH!!--I'm sooo with you on the gift giving thing. There's nothing like getting a gift for someone in a rush because it's expected of you. But I just don't have the ??? something to NOT give at Christmas time, ya know?? So, I've started looking for things all throughout the year and finding special items that took thought. I also like to unwind when I get home and during the school year I am able to, but with 3 kids at home (niece staying all of July with us!) it's impossible. :) Take care!!

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