Sunday, March 28, 2010

FS164: Going on an Egg Hunt

I am totally supposed to be studying for my upcoming tests in FS164 egg huntMedical Terminology (Apr 1) and Anatomy/Physiology (Apr 5) but I woke up early this morning and couldn’t resist playing with this week’s Featured Stamper challenge {FS164} because I found this cute card of Brandi’s to CASE!!  I knew right away I wanted to make a scene with the little peeps on an egg hunt in the meadow using Favorite Peeps by Taylored Expressions!  This card was SO much fun to make and now I have a card to send to my niece Gabby!  I used all supplies from the Easter Key Ingredients (except a few buttons and the sugar sparkly fluff for the clouds , which I hand drew). 


As promised, here are a before & after photo of our dog Shelby since we took her to the beauty parlor yesterday – she was such a good girl and I KNOW she missed us while she was there but so HAPPY to smell, look and feel good for the Spring!  She gets this short haircut a few times during Spring through Fall when she doesn’t need the extra fur!


Here she is in all her glory – it took me SO many times to try to get a good picture as she was walking all over the place when we brought her back.  She is looking up at John in this picture who she adores; that’s one reason I like this one so much.  I bought her that chicken chew treat as a reward and she walked all over the house strutting her stuff and showing off her treat for about 10 minutes!  She really cracks me up – I am counting my blessings she is still with us after her November diagnosis of lung tumor.  I appreciate all the prayers that have been given up for her, they are working and God is allowing us more time with her. 

I hope you have a great week!  This may be my last post until my work/school week is over because I really need to hit the books!  Although I am averaging an A in my Med. Term. class, I’m averaging a C in my A&P class and that is just not acceptable to me!  Please pray I can focus and retain all this info and God helps me when it comes time to take my test so I remember the answers!  Thanks for stopping by today! 

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8 comments on "FS164: Going on an Egg Hunt"

Charmaine (CharmWarm) on 10:58 AM CDT said...

What an ADORABLE egg hunt card, Donna! I LOVE it! Good luck on those tests. . .they sound like doozies!

Rose Ann on 11:09 AM CDT said...

Your card is absolutely adorable, and your details are perfect, Donna!! Shelby looks great with her fur-cut, and I will continue to pray for her health. Great job in your Med. Term. class, and I'm praying for you to improve your A&P. Hugs!!

Deb on 1:27 PM CDT said...

This is kinda eerie....I also have an Australian Shepherd, and her name is Shelby! She's 11, and my very best friend. I've often thought about giving her a you are well aware, they are terrible shedders in the Spring. Now I can see what she'd look like if she were shaved! Does the hair grow back lang and wavy like it was?

Donna on 4:25 PM CDT said...

what a coincidence and yes, Deb! we've been shaving her for YEARS and her coat hasn't changed much that I know of. You should do it

Melissa Sauls on 10:00 PM CDT said...

Oh my, this is sooo stinkin' cute Donna!!! Love all that grass you cut! :) Shelby looks just adorable...all ready for a TX summer. Good luck in A&P...wish I was there taking it with you!

Joan Ervin on 9:18 PM CDT said...

Hi's been a while!! Your card is sooo cute...I just love the sweet little chicks and the grass looks AWESOME!!! Shelby is sooo cute, too...nothin like a good haircut to brighten your day...LOL!!! Wish I could help you study for A&P...I know you will do well!!!

Carolina on 3:21 PM CDT said...

Girlie ~ best of luck on the tests!!! I'll be thinking of ya and keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

LOOOVE this card! Genius I tell ya. Such an adorable little scene you created, love it!

Monika/Buzsy on 4:45 PM CDT said...

What a great card Donna! Love that scene! The chicks are sooo cute! Great grass! :o) Happy Easter!

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