Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter to one of my favorite peeps

fuzzy monkey

Happy Easter y’all!  Real quick post because I need to get back to studying for my Anatomy & Physiology test that’s tomorrow evening (that I MUST get a B on!) It is about the Nervous System, Special Senses and Endocrine System.   A TON of information, did you know we have 12 cranial nerves? I know all the names and what their functions are but I also need to know where to LOCATE them on a diagram (that’s the next step for me). 

Anyway, remember the Egg Hunt card I made last week for my niece Gabby?  Well, it inspired me to make this one for her little brother Joey and I wanted to use the monkey from the Beary Special set but he wasn’t very ‘Eastery’ so I made him some bunny ears and fuzzed him all up with some sparkly fluff!  Isn’t he cute??  I made a quick Easter scene with the rolling grassy hills and a Spring-time tree using Branching Out.  Of course I had to add a ‘peep’ and sentiment from the new set Favorite Peeps and voila! I had an Easter card for my adorable nephew!

fuzzy monkey close up

Here’s a close up of the bunny ears I drew as well as the ‘fluff’ that stuff is really easy & fun to work with! 

I sent these cards along with a few dollars in them; for those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while may remember Gabby is saving her money for college (she has been since about a year old) and now Joey is doing the same.  We talked to them on Friday night when they opened up their cards.  Gabby was so excited about the chicks on their egg hunt, she counted the chicks on the card and was so thankful for her card & dollars. Joey, on the other hand is not very vocal yet but he is trying (h'e’s not quite 2 yet) – he mumbled a lot of stuff to us but when we talked about the MONEY, boy he said that word clear as day which was hilarious!  He knows what that’s all about for sure!  lol


Here is a little Easter gift we got in the mail from Gabby, Joey and their mom & dad!  We opened it during our conversation as well.  It’s a homemade Easter basket filled with lots of goodies (Val picked out the basket, Tom picked out the Pez containers: I got Belle from Beauty and the Beast and John got Tigger)  Gabby ‘signed’ and decorated our card and even put some special foam stickers on it and sealed up the card before her mommy could sign it – ha! 


Her mom did sign the special note from Gabby – she likes to dictate to her what to write.  And another favorite part of our conversation?  When I heard Gabby in the background ‘reading’ the card we sent her.  My sister always reads the cards to them and she was recalling what it said afterward which was so cute! 

I hope whatever you do today, you stop for a little while and reflect on what great sacrifice Jesus made for us so that if we believe in Him, we will have the free gift of everlasting life and peace & comfort in this life and hope for what comes next; for to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.  It helps make the inevitable (death) more comforting to know we have a choice to live eternally in Heaven with a glorified body and not in Hell where there is suffering and torment.  Which one will you choose?  Hope you have a wonderful week!  I’ll be back on Tuesday with Day 1 sneak peeks with Taylored Expressions April Release! 

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2 comments on "Happy Easter to one of my favorite peeps"

Casmiles on 8:11 PM CDT said...

YOU DREW the bunny ears. Some people are just SO talented. I'm jealous. What a precious card, Donna. I love it, and the sparkle just makes it even MORE. Happy Belated Easter.

Carolina on 1:02 PM CDT said...

Eek ~ look at that Easter card!!! What an adorable package to get in the mail.

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