Saturday, April 9, 2011

password: iloveyou! a matching card & purse I made!

ps i love you

Here is a card I made many months ago that happens to match a purse I made this week so why not share it now?  This card was made using the Tech Talk stamp set by Melanie for Gina K Designs; I just love using it to ‘decorate’ a desk!  This one is just Passionate pink & Wild Dandelion yellow – so sunshiny!  All supplies can be found in the Gina K store

reversible purse

Now for my sunshiny purse that I made the other night using this great pattern!  It was surprisingly easy even though it was my first time to make something this big and REVERSIBLE.  Don’t you just adore this fabric?  I love the big pink blooms!



reversible purse2

Here is the other fabric – smaller pink blooms!  It took me about 3 hours, but I know it would have taken way less time if my sewing machine wasn’t giving me fits – I finally got it right when I made a few adjustments to the tension and bobbin tension.  Then it was smooth sailing.   Speaking of sailing – the reason I was determined to finish this bag in one night (and I stayed up past my bedtime about 15 mins), was because I wanted it to take on our **CRUISE which we leave for in the morning!  We are super excited and a little tired since we just finished packing!  Talk about waiting until the last minute!  Well, I have to admit the reason I waited so long was because I was working on making a small change purse to match!  I will have to share that another day with you. 

drawstring bag

Here is a little drawstring pouch I made though – this is to put my medications in for the trip. 

**we will be gone for a full week – going out of Galveston for this Western Caribbean cruise and stopping in Cozumel, Mexico – Grand Cayman – Falmouth, Jamaica.  This will be my 2nd cruise and John’s 1st.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any posts pre-scheduled and have a Gina K release to stamp for when I get back but I will try to post at least a few pictures as soon as I get back! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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9 comments on "password: iloveyou! a matching card & purse I made!"

Kathy on 11:55 PM CDT said...

Love these! Have a great time on your cruise. I'm soooooo jealous, dh and I have only been on one and it was 10 years ago now. We're way overdue.

Jill @ Just dream, Jelly Bean! on 3:21 AM CDT said...

I really love the colors of your purse (or purses!). Reversible is always good. Have a wonderful trip!
~ Jill from 'Just dream, Jelly Bean!'

Betty Benton on 11:47 AM CDT said...

Wish I had known you were headed for Galveston. You could have stopped by and stayed at my "very bare" house -- no pictures on the walls, boxes lined up against the walls, etc. Moving time for us is Friday, April 15 -- headed for Laredo and then on to Lake Chapala, Mexico the next couple of days!

Lori on 7:38 PM CDT said...

Whoopee! Hope your having a fabulous time cruising!!! This is a gorgeous purse, card, and pouch. Way to go girl. ~hugs, Lori~

Casmiles on 10:30 PM CDT said...

Love your bag and your pouch for your meds - what a great idea. LOVE the colors too...I wish I knew how to set - that's just not in my repertoire. Have a wonderful time on your cruise. Relax, enjoy and share all the good stuff when you get back!

Heather said...

Love the bag and card!

Melanie on 2:30 PM CDT said...

these prints are hot and love the inspiration !! saw this card in the STV gallery I believe and thought it was so cute!! password: urock!

Rose Ann on 2:47 PM CDT said...

Your card is so sweet, and I love the papers too!! I totally love your purse and pouch as well!!

I hope you're having a wonderful time on your cruise!! ☺

Anonymous said...

My favorites ... making bags AND cards. Lory

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