Saturday, September 17, 2011

FNSI results and my crazy busy tiring weeks!

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Last night was this month’s Friday Night Sew In hosted by Heidi & Bobbi!  Unfortunately, since I started participating several months ago, and this is my least productive one to date.  The reason was because I had to work late again – have been for the past few weeks nearly every day because it’s our busiest time of year!  But that’s o.k. because that means more money & job security – ha!  I didn’t get home until 7:30 last night and I was exhausted by 10:00 after I cut all this fabric for my next quilt! 

all cut

I am making my first rag quilt!  I got the rolled up 6 inch strips from my LQS (local quilting store) the Cotton Cupboard back in June when we went on our quilt bus trip and I fell in love with the colors!!  They are Robert Kauffman Alpine Frost fabrics (except for the solid colors).  The 4 stacks of squares on the left will be the backing fabric and I think I  am going to group the colors together.  The 6 stacks on the right will be the front and they will most likely be put in a very random pattern.  I will have to strategically plan this one!   I hope to cut the batting today and then get started sewing them together. 

I need to get this done within 3 weeks because we are planning another vacation; this time a road trip because John wants to get Geocaches in other states!  We will head to NM early one morning and stay a day with some friends who moved there about 5 years ago.  Then head up to CO to visit fellow GKD DT member Lee and her family who incidentally introduced us to this hobby, then to WY, KS, OK then home – all in one week!  I don’t normally do very well on long trips (I am always pretty active so it wears on me and all I want to do is sleep), but I know this trip means a lot to John.  Since we’ve both been pretty stressed at work lately, it’s good timing to get away.  I do plan to try to do some hand sewing when he’s driving.  The added bonuses for me are visiting friends and trying out new restaurants along the way oh and seeing the colors of the leaves change since next Friday is the first day of Fall! 

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6 comments on "FNSI results and my crazy busy tiring weeks!"

Teresa on 1:13 PM CDT said...

One FNSI blowout isn't anything to get worried over. We all have those days. Sorry to hear about working so much overtime - I know how that feels. Your fabrics look yummy, I'm sure the quilt will be too. Keep at it, even if it means 15 minutes at a time. Looking forward to seeing the finish.

Jessie/knightrone on 4:20 PM CDT said...

Yummy fabrics, can't wait to see what you make from them!

Stitchin' time on 7:26 PM CDT said...

I had a blowout also because of a last minute teenage sleepover but I'm determined to finish it this weekend. Love the colours you've chosen.

sarah on 7:18 AM CDT said...

Wow!!this sounds like fun..never heard of geocaching, but u'll luv these states..enjoy & see u when u get back..

Cedar Creek on 8:14 AM CDT said...

I didn't do so well when sewing myself. I struggled keeping my stitching pattern straight. Strange fabrics. Sounds like a great trip for you two! I'm jealous...I want to go too!

Gina on 3:38 PM CDT said...

It's the same for me too, working long hours, and by the time dinner is fixed, kitchen is cleaned, help with kids homework, laundry to be done there's not much energy left for sewing, but I try to get it in when I can. I haven't made a rag quilt yet but have it on my to do list. Can't wait to see yours. Maybe you will also be able to visit quilt shops on your trip.

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