Monday, January 15, 2007

A Clean House

I grew up in a home with my mom always saying, 'don't leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight' 'pick up your clothes' 'clean up your mess'. Then I married a guy who, as a bachelor would wash his clothes & throw them on the couch & as he wore them would pick them out of the pile. Shortly after we married during our first year 'adjustment' period, I heard my mom's voice come out of my mouth with those phrases and it caused a lot of friction & stress not only to him because I was constantly nagging but to me because I was hardly enjoying my life.

Now it's not uncommon for me to have my clothes sitting around (not necessarily on the couch) or have dirty dishes in the sink. My philosophy has changed considerably over the past nearly 10 years of marriage. Once I settled down & didn't nag so much (it occasionally rears its ugly head still), things were more peaceful. And believe it or not, I totally still enjoy my life even with dishes in the sink & dirty clothes on the floor because I've learned that I need to spend time nurturing my relationships & not be so uptight about this or that getting done. We were created Human Beings - not Human Doings. The truth is, we can be here one minute & gone the next. The dirty dishes & clothes on the floor are going to be there until you get your butt around to the meantime, enjoy your loved ones & relax. Pin It

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