Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby - I'm ready for SPRING!!

This is my niece Gabriella - taken on Tuesday by her Nini (my sister Deana who watches her during the day) on her camera phone. Doesn't she look SPRINGY with her little blue gingham top with flowers? You can't see the cute jeans with ruffles on the hem but I bought those for her!! They live in CA and I am SO excited that I will see her in just 43 more days!!! I haven't seen her since the beginning of November when I went for a long weekend & she was 6 months. I talk to her on the phone weekly & she always smiles (it warms my heart) but I can't wait to hug & love on her if she lets me {wink}. DH and I arrive on her 1st birthday & we're going to have a BIG party (Elmo & Sesame Street since she LOVES Elmo (see the other picture?!) She loves to eat paper but I bet a lot of babies do. She is adorable, looking more & more like my oldest sister, Val IMO - but she still has her daddy's ears (sorry, Tom it's the truth) - but that makes her so memorable & unique!!!
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2 comments on "Baby - I'm ready for SPRING!!"

Anonymous said...

That baby is adorable!

Kristine on 9:33 PM CDT said...

Awe...what a sweetheart!! My sister had kids way before me, and I remember being so proud and showing off my niece and nephew as babies. :0) Hope she's open to her auntie and let's you love on her as much as you want. I use to have home cake business and I did several Elmo characters, etc. Those are sooo fun. Have a Happy CELEBRATION!!

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