Saturday, March 24, 2007

Christmas 2006 Memories

I made this coaster frame for my DH (in the picture on the left). I recently bought some coasters & a crop-a-dile (which I'm not sure I'm using right so I need to check out some info on it because I can't find the insert that cam with it, as it didn't punch ALL the way through & I think it should). Anyway - the picture on the left with John is Madison, she is Princess Chloe's 1/2 sister who just turned a year on February 1st. Christmas was only the 2nd time we saw little Madison (even though we live in the same state - hey remember how BIG Texas is? we're in Central TX & they live in Tyler {East TX} so it's about a 5 hour drive). Well much to everyone's surprise who spends time with Madison on a regular basis & doesn't take to new people that much, took to John like he was her Christmas present!! She let him hold her, play with her - she even got a big smile on her face when he walked in the room & put up her arms for him to hold her! What was so funny was the time she was with her grandma & when she put her down, she saw John & immediately started crawling back to him so fast like she missed him!!! It was so cute to see - so I had to get a picture of this sweet memory of them. He said seeing what I created nearly made him cry. I used SU! retired DS paper & copper accents to match her red hair & blue eyes (yes, it's real - you should see her Mama's hair just gorgeous!) she's going to be a knockout, I just know it. Chloe will be too (beauty & brains) lookout, Stephanie!
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