Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Reel Expert --

reel expert

I just love the sentiment in Theresa’s set Gone Fishing, “A reel expert can tackle anything.'” What a great card to give to a man (or woman) who loves to fish!  It can also be a great card to encourage someone who is going through a rough time!  I kept my design clean & simple and googled fishing lures to see the colors of them and the Turquoise Sea, Creme de Menthe & Chocolate cardstock were a perfect combination for the lure and my card!  The last thing I did was place some brads in the corners of the layers and voila! my card came together in no time – I just love it when that happens!

Good News about the move!!  We were given the green light to move in whenever we want from our mortgage officer who is preparing the documents for our permanent loan once we gave him the figure for our construction loan.  We are SO excited but we have last minute stuff to do like the hardscaping (that’s doing all the preliminary work of landscaping WITHOUT planting anything – that will be mid-October), then we need the last minute punch items fixed, the road built up that we can drive on, the concrete floors cleaned & waxed and of course the inspection!  So it looks like the move will happen within the next few weeks as long as the contractors keep it moving!

We are going to enjoy our day getting a Geocache in San Antonio that will be going away soon and looking around some of the consignment stores down there (we’re looking for an apothecary piece). 

Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!!

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5 comments on "A Reel Expert --"

Lori on 11:51 AM CDT said...

Woo, hoo! Hope you have fun Geocaching (?). I'll bet you find your apothecary, looks like things are going well this week!!!! Your card is super nice, love how you did the fly.

Rose Ann on 10:08 PM CDT said...

I love your cool fishing lure, Donna!! The colors and layout look fabulous!!

Great news about getting the green light with your home!! Best of luck finishing up the last details before the big move! How exciting!!

Beth @ Sand To Pearl on 8:50 AM CDT said...

Wow, you've got some talent! A card like this would be perfect for my dad or step dad.
And thanks for stopping by Sand To Pearl and leaving the sweet comment about my pleated purse. When you finally get around to making it (trust me, I totally understand the time thing) if you have any questions, just ask!

Jessie/knightrone on 10:35 PM CDT said...

Super fabulous!!

Vanessa on 4:36 PM CDT said...

How exciting about moving in soon!

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