Sunday, June 19, 2011

FSNI results!!

1st headband
Well, I survived my 2nd Friday Night Sew In and it was a blast!!  I think I was way more productive than last month because I completed 3.75** projects (will explain).  My first one was a reversible headband by Daisie (easy to follow tutorial!) but I think I made mine a little too wide in the center because it wants to pop up above my head a little.  Practice makes perfect (the next one should be better because now I know!) I used Amy Butler and an unknown coordinating blue fabric. 
tissue holder
Then, I made 2 pocket tissue holders, so easy & fun!  Look forward to making some of these as little Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers!  This tutorial was super easy to follow too!  I gave one to my friend Stephanie yesterday and she really liked it!!
seatbelt cover
Next up is something I made for myself and a co-worker because the shoulder seat belt cuts into the sides of our necks.  I made up my own pattern and will share a little tutorial soon on it.  It has a little batting on the inside to make it soft and closes with some velcro.
mug rug
Next up is my FAVORITE project, one that I have been itching to make for a while now, a Mug Rug!!  I used some Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabrics and coordinating solids I picked up at my LQS.  I followed this tutorial and these binding tips and it was my first time to free motion quilt!  Wow, that was a lot of fun!! 
mug rug back
It took a little while to get the hang of it, for it to feel more natural and I had a challenging time taking out the pins I had basted the quilt with, but I'm sure with more practice, it will become second nature!! I am real proud of it in spite of the back that does not look quite as nice as the front even though it’s reversible. **about the 4.75 projects I made, I had all but the handsewn back binding done on Friday night so last night at our friend’s house, while Stephanie made her first headband, I completed the back binding my hand!  I will share a picture of Stephanie’s headband she actually modeled in a future post because this one is so loooooong already!
mug rug in action
Here is my mug rug in action this morning!  I am using my awesome ‘Do Something Creative Everyday’ mug I got from my sweet friend Carolina a few years ago (it’s one of my FAVES of course and a motto I try to live by *wink!)
FSNI mess
I thought I would share a few pics of the mess I created on Friday night (since we were out all day/night last night with some friends, I was not able to clean it and it still remains – yikes!) I will clean it today unless I decide I just have to sew one more thing!  Not – I think I sewed enough for the next few days!  I have some other things to take care of like laundry, housework, stamping etc!  I use the island as my ironing & cutting station.
FSNI mess2
The dining table is my sewing/computer station which is right next to the island!  I like to watch movies o netflix while I sew.  Here is a picture of my new sewing machine!  It sews like a dream, quite the workhorse, sewing 1100 stitches per minute!  I love it!  
Hope you have a great week and visit back soon; in my next post, I plan to share our super fun Saturday with our friends, all the goodies I got and what EXCITING thing will be happening on July 16-17th!!    EEEKS!!
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7 comments on "FSNI results!!"

Lori on 2:28 PM CDT said...

What fabulous sewing projects, Donna! That new machine must have gotten a work out last night. I love the head band especially, really pretty.

Kim on 3:52 PM CDT said...

Great projects. I love the mug rug. They are so much fun to make.

Angie on 9:11 AM CDT said...

love your mug rug!! Soul Blossoms is one of my favorite fabric lines. Glad you liked the tutorial, too...thanks for the did a great job.

FlyAwayHome on 10:18 AM CDT said...

I am visiting from SewManyWays. I almost didn't visit with the name "serenity in stamping" thinking this was a site just for stamping.... what a pleasent surprise! You sew too! great projects. Thanks for sharing

catdidit on 4:59 PM CDT said...

LOVE that headband and mug rug Donna! And the seat belt thingy too, so awesome! I need one of each please, lol!

fuzzylover on 7:50 PM CDT said...

Thanks for sharing your cards. The 3 colorful circles was great - so simple but so pretty. Definitely want to try that!

Monica Depung said...

buitiful card.

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