Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In Results–NOT

pillow ornaments

***Disclaimer*** this is a previously sewn project I am sharing!! 

I was not able to participate in the last 2 Friday Night Sew Ins and I am disappointed.  I had grand plans (too ambitious if you ask me) because the holidays are fast approaching, we tend to put too much on our plates don’t we?  Well, I am guilty as charged.  This week was quite busy and emotional for me.**more on that later in the post.  So, after work I went to a local Indian grocery store and spent almost $85 on spices and foods to stock our pantry so I can do more Indian food cooking from scratch.  You may not realize, but Indian food is my favorite cuisine.  I love the flavors, smells and variety.  After I did that, John and I met at Costco to do some more shopping and we didn’t get home until almost 8:00.  Of course, there were a lot of groceries to put away and well, I still need to finish that and it’s Sat. morning already, and after I compose this post, we are headed for a hike at McKinney Roughs Nature Park.  John wants to get some geocaches and I want to get some exercise since it was on my to do list for today anyway.  Plus, it is literally down the street from where we live and we have not been there yet (what a shame).  I was just too exhausted last night to get out my sewing supplies and sew.  I was in bed by 9:30 and had a great night’s sleep!

backs pillow ornamentsSo, here I am showing some pillow ornaments I made a while back since I have not shared them yet.  These were my winnings from a few months ago from the Friday Night Sew In I won from Heidi.  She also sent me a quilting ruler and some chocolate covered potato chips that melted from the Texas heat but they were still tasty!  The fabric is Kate Spain Flurry and I got the idea for these here.  If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest, here is the link to my boards.  It is addicting but I have made MANY projects and recipes I have pinned since I found it!  I just don’t pin and not produce. 

**About the emotional week I had.  My favorite cousin Andrea is in the hospital very ill but as of Thursday, she was doing somewhat better.  If you pray, will you please keep her in yours for a continued healing & recovery?** Thank you so much.

Thanks for stopping by & hope you have a great weekend!

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2 comments on "Friday Night Sew-In Results–NOT"

Rose Ann on 10:09 AM CST said...

Your pillow ornaments are so cute, and I love the fabric you've used! I will be praying for Andrea's recovery. Much love and hugs to you, Donna!! ♥

The Vannoy Family on 9:12 PM CST said...

Always fun to hear about you and John! Will add you and your family to my prayer list! Hope you and John were able to get some geocaches along the way this morning! You need to post some of your indian recipes on the StampTV group! Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

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