Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Gallery Honor by Kitchen Sink Stamps

I am so excited to show you Maria (owner of Kitchen Sink Stamps) asked if she could post my 3-Step Daisy Monogram card in the Kitchen Sink Gallery & of course, I said yes - it is quite an honor! So check it out here - there are awesome projects in there! I am really looking forward to getting my 3-step Hearts & Roses I pre-ordered any day now! Pin It

5 comments on "A Gallery Honor by Kitchen Sink Stamps"

Julie Masse on 11:12 PM CST said...

It sure is a beautiful card Donna!! Happy to have your card "in the Sink"! :)

Kathy on 11:47 PM CST said...

Congrats!!!!!!! It is definitely a beautiful card and I love what you've done. You deserve this honor since your stuff rocks!!!!!

Rose Ann on 2:37 AM CST said...

Congratulations on being invited "in the Sink" gallery! Your card is so beautiful and worthy of being there!! :D

Melanie on 7:48 AM CST said...

Hurray! Way to go!

I SO want those ROSES!!!

Tracy on 11:09 AM CST said...

Nice work!

We're looking for a couple more participants in an ATC swap if your interested :)

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