Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy (Blog) Anniversary To Me...Happy (Blog) Anniversary to me...

Happy Candy to you!!

Well, today is the big day! I started my blog one year ago (actually it was a year ago yesterday since the 14th was on Sunday last year) HA

Anyway, here are pictures of what I am giving to one lucky person who responds on this post (only US residents please) sorry! The cat is a 2-yr calendar you can stamp a cover for.

This comes at a price, though - since Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it's a day to share your LOVE (not just with your spouse or significant other, or child) but with everyone you care about - I'd love for you to share a story of how a friend/loved one has impacted your life and taught you a valuable lesson so that every time you are reminded of it, you think fondly of them.
My story is about a friend I left behind in CA that I have lost touch with (not permanently but since it's been so long since we have chatted, it feels like it) her name is Nazmin and she really is one of the most beautiful woman I've ever met. She triumphed over a marriage to someone she was not in love with to escape an arranged marriage to someone she didn't know (cultural thing) and had the most gorgeous, smart little girl (who's not a little girl anymore but she was when I met her) and was immediately diagnosed with stage III Breast Cancer upon giving birth. She went on to stay in her marriage only to end up burying her husband when he killed himself with her right outside the door when she told him she was going to leave him. Soon after she was re-diagnosed with her Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer. All the while she was falling madly in love with one of our co-workers (and he with her) and I was the first to notice. He was married at the time but knew his love for Nazmin was real and left his wife (they were not happy together for a long ime). Shortly after I left CA I heard they got married and are living happily together with their 2 daughters. I have received a few Christmas cards over the years back from them but not with updates and I miss her so much. She truly is the epitome of strength, courage, determination, drive, beauty and love. She supported me through a few trials of my own (like college woes, boy troubles and the loss of my mom), never judging me, always loving me and truly being a friend.

One of the many things I learned from Nazmin is something she learned from her mom - to not expect anything from anyone so you are not disappointed when they don't come through. It also will afford you the opportunity to be more grateful when you get something not expected. It's hard at times to remember this especially when as Christians we should serve in love. I expect my DH to act a certain way, to do certain things for me (without having to be told) and it can be a great source of frustration for me when he doesn't deliver. I have to sit back & relax and not sweat the small stuff. After all, I am not perfect and I do believe there are things he may expect from me that Ido not deliver as well. I will try to do better, I promise honey (DH actually reads my blog - it's something I don't expect but I sure appreciate!!)

If you stayed with me this whole way, thank you and tell me your 'person/lesson learned'

I will draw a winner on Saturday afternoon (3:00 central) you must either leave your email or your blog (a way for me to get in touch with you if you win).

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12 comments on "Happy (Blog) Anniversary To Me...Happy (Blog) Anniversary to me..."

Marilyn on 8:53 PM CST said...

Hi Donna! I am just getting back into stamping after the last couple of weeks and after reading your blog about a story of someone who inspires you I knew I had to respond. My friend who just lost her husband Jan 2 is one of the strongest women I know. She and her husband have been through really rough times over the past year with his health issues. He was in great health and came home one day not feeling well, ended up in the hospital and found out he had 1% of his kidneys functioning. From there he went on dialysis and then developed a severe paralysis in part due to diabetes and non-functioning kidneys and was in a wheelchair from that point on. Through all of this my friend never complained, always looked on the bright side, and never accepted the fact that her husband wouldn't recover. You would never know they had any problems to talk to them. And then he passed away just a couple of weeks ago and through this difficult time, she has put all of her trust in God and we have seen several small miracles even in sorrow that made us to know that God cares. She has definitely been an inspiration to me and I hope to others.

On another note, thanks for doing the blog candy and for stopping by my site!! I love all of your work!!

msfitzie on 6:21 AM CST said...

Some people teach us how to live..but just a very few teach us how to die. I met my dear friend after her first brain surgery. She has a disease called Von Hipple(sp?)and has been slowly slipping away from me. BUT..her faith is more enormous than her disease!! Her love and compassion for others who are suffering shrinks her own enourmous daily struggle. She makes me want to stop whining and get on with loving others. My friend is amazing and when she is gone...I will know exactly where she is...HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NC on 10:20 AM CST said...

Hey Donna!
Happy Anniversary!! :D
I loved reading your story - so true!
And thanks so much for the flowers - I SOOO needed a lift the other day - thank you for thinking of me!

Amie on 1:44 PM CST said...

My cousin Suzie taught me a wonderful lesson to just never give up! Her fourth baby girl was born with serious heart defects. She had surgery after surgery after surgery. I'm positive they spent nearly 90% of 2007 in the hospital! The baby couldn't eat or digest food either, so she had a belly plug/feeding tube that she used for a year. As weeks went on, every email I got from Suzie I was afraid to open, afraid to read the words that the baby had finally passed on. But can you believe it, she has survived and thrived and is walking and eating on her own now. How my cousin ever kept up with a homebased business, 3 active healthy girls, and this one challenge/blessing, I'll never know. The best part is, my cousin Suzie always has a smile on her face and doesn't get down about her trial. Great lesson for me!

Thanks for the opportunity!


jackie on 2:00 PM CST said...

my brother in law is my best friend and he is now battling cancer...watching and helping him thru this process is a lesson over and over again!
love your blog

CAKVD on 2:28 PM CST said...

My former neighbors are the most kind and generous people that I've ever met. Every year for the past 8 years they have invited us to share in their Christmas celebrations with their family. They treat us just like members of their family and they have taught us what the true meaning of freindship and family is.
Cheryl KVD

Velta on 2:52 PM CST said...

Hi Donna ~ What a moving story! It's really something when you are going through so much turmoil and yet the ones that love you (including God) surround you and somehow, you get through it. I have had my share of tribulations, but with my faith I have made it through. Congratulations on your Anniversary! Thanks for sharing such a trying story :)

Lisa's Blessed A Latte on 5:19 PM CST said...

I will share with you the Gretest love story I know. This story is about a man who took the sins of the world on HIM and died upon the cross so that we would have forgiveness for our sins. He became the final sacrifice for SIN. His name is Jesus and he wants you ALL to except him as that final sacrifice for sin, so they may spend eternity with Him.

Belas Creating Place on 11:09 AM CST said... Canadian residents???? Oh well,not hurt feelings LOL>>I just wanted to post a comment and let you know your cards are so pretty.

Monika/Buzsy on 4:09 PM CST said...

Just wanted to say Happy Blog Anniversary!... also I am sending some blog flowers too on your way...

Melanie on 7:40 PM CST said...

ugh, sorry I missed it, girlfriend! i realized it last night, but started feeling ill and didn't check til just now (I have a sotmach virus :) Don't enter me in the contest, leave it for some other lucky lady(great paper in oyur bog candy BTW I just bought some meselfa over the weekend!!) and great bellies to match) I'll talk to you soon! i have news, but I can't decide yet if I want to surprise you or tell(I can never keep surprises...!) ;)

Melanie on 12:08 AM CST said...

PS I'll be back with a love story later

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