Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Helping Irene make a rainbow

I was tickled to read a blog post from Irene today, illustrator of Doodlefactory images for Starving Artistamps, she realized she is a 'stamper' now!  It's hard to believe she's only been stamping for a few months now, but considering she is an 'artist' it just makes sense that she is a great stamper already (**although she doesn't quite believe it yet**)  Go check out her blog & see for yourself!?  

Anyway, on to my card - I made it for a challenge she issued on PCP to make a monochromatic card.  I chose to use purple in her honor (she was disappointed she wanted to make a purple one & didn't have any purple stuff!)  Of course purple used to be my favorite color (it's pink now) and I have to tell you about when it changed for me.  It was a few years ago on a trip to CA to visit my family.  Well I saw an older (by that I mean she had to be in her late 50's to early 60's) and there was NO mistaking that purple was her favorite color!  She was BATHED in it.  The first thing that caught my eye was the rather large carry-on purple bag she was trying to stuff under the seat in front of her.  Then I saw her purple socks, purple embellished jeans, purple shirt, purple jacket & purple velvet sequined hat.  But it doesn't end there, she had a purple purse & purple bling sunglasses too.   Can you say purple overload?  Well, she happened to be out at the baggage claim after we got off our flight & then I saw ALL her purple luggage and saw that she pulled out purple after purple after purple accessory from her purple purse!  Whoa...I was done with the color purple!!  

So back to my card - I used Pale Plum, Orchid Opulence and Eggplant Envy by SU! and the heart set is Sweets & Hearts by Doodlefactory, I just love all the different patterns in the hearts! they were real easy to stamp on the front of my card since it was tone on tone and I haven't separated all the hearts from the rubber yet.  The sentiment is from Simple Sweet Sayings

Don't forget you have until tomorrow to participate in the Stamp Something Birthday Challenge sponsored by Starving Artistamps/Doodlefactory & you don't have to have SA/DF sets to play but you can win this set along with the Valentine's Remix set and Valentine's sentiments! WOW!!
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4 comments on "Helping Irene make a rainbow"

Shannon on 6:39 AM CST said...

Oh that's right....I almost forgot about this challenge. Going to have to get on that today.

Christi on 9:09 AM CST said...

Your card is gorgeous!! I love that sentiment!

The Doodle Factory on 1:15 PM CST said...

haha, that is a funny story of how purple was forever ruined for you. I don't know if I have an actual favorite color - if you went by my wardrobe it'd be neutrals with a single punch of color. There was a time when I was really into pink - but no wimpy pastels - I wore magenta blazers and hot pink skirts. I think I burnt myself out on that color though and now I wear a lot of grey :)

Rose Ann on 9:53 PM CST said...

Your monochromatic purple card is so pretty, and I love how you've stamped the background. Funny story, Donna!!

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