Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SU! Technique stamp club shares...

I haven't shared my SU! stuff in a while so here you go - techniques from a few month's ago - stamp club.  The top card uses Faux Metal Embossing.  Take same color cardstock & embossing powder and punch out!  I love it & the gals were wow'ed!  Several have bought the Curly Tag bunch because of it.  

Faux Seersucker - remember the crimper?  It was one of the first tools I bought when I was introduced to SU! because it was real popular at the time!  Trends come & go but it was fun to bring it out for an updated crimped paper look!  

Dazzling Window - stamp your cardstock, punch out shapes, take packing tape & sprinkle dazzling diamonds glitter over it & adhere to the backside of your punched piece.  The glitter is on the sticky side of the tape which is the front of your card (but sticks to it, not you!) cool, huh?? They liked this one too!  

Bandana Technique - this is my favorite!  Take a swirly type stamp & ink with black (I used Baroque Motifs, which I think is very swirly!) and sponge your colors until no white space is left. Then put white dots all around for accents.  Pretty, huh?? 

Which one is your favorite??  Have you not tried any of these?  If not, do it - it's fun!!
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5 comments on "SU! Technique stamp club shares..."

Shannon Bracken on 1:43 PM CST said...

I love the pops of white on the Bandana Tech card. I keep meaning to do some myself, but always seem to forget. Maybe I need to write a sticky note to myself so I'll remember one of these days.

Kathy on 2:57 PM CST said...

They're all cute but my favorite one is definitely the bandana technique card. Thanks for sharing.

Rose Ann on 4:38 PM CST said...

Great technique samples!! I love them all, but your Bandana card is a favorite (gorgeous colors and swirls). I also love your faux metal (such a cool look).

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) on 12:48 AM CST said...

My goodness!! Can you believe I haven't tried any of these techniques yet??? Hmmmm......well all of your samples are totally rockin'!!! But my faves are the Dazzling Window (of course!) and the Bandana techniques...so I'll definitely be trying them soon!!!

Carolina on 11:58 AM CST said...

They're all fab - but for sure I think the bandana technique is my favorite...love the way the white gel pen makes everything pop!

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