Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update on my patient!

well it’s almost 24 hours since John’s surgery and I wanted to give an update in case anyone is wondering.  His surgery was bumped back 2 hrs because of the Dr’s delay.  It lasted just 45 mins and I saw him about 2:00-ish and he was SO sleepy since his ‘nap’ wasn’t long enough!  His oxygen level was a little low so they kept watching that.  When the PT came by about 3:00-ish he was not quite ready to be pushed to get up & learn to walk with the crutches so she came back.  When she did and he sat up in bed, he vomited several times so then she went over everything with me.  but at 4:30 he vomited again and they said if he wasn't better in an hour they would have to admit him.  We saw $$ and so he bucked up and she let us get ready to go the next time she checked on him - it took a lot of effort for him not to get sick again.  So we finally got home a little after 7:00 after stopping at the convenience store for 7up and crackers.  I was scheduled to check in for the mini VSN at 7:45 and get my challenge uploaded by 8:00 and also be sure John was settled in and had everything he needed and I hadn't eaten since noon but who cares since poor John hadn't eaten in almost 24 hours!  I was trying not to race home but our poor Shelby hadn't been let out in 12 hours and every bump in the road or sudden stop nauseated him.  It was a little stressful I'd say.

He got up several times during the night to relieve himself but is still in bed this morning while I enjoy my tea, catch up on emails/commenting on VSN cards and read my Austin Monthly magazine.  I have already straightened up the kitchen and made blueberry muffins.  I am making breakfast now and plan to make him some oatmeal when he's ready to get out of bed.  I will also make some soup for later.  Not sure when I will have time to post but I do have some projects to work on later.  I just need to be here to nurse him so he can handle things when I go back to work on Monday morning.  Thanks for your well wishes & prayers!

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5 comments on "Update on my patient!"

Rose Ann on 9:18 PM CST said...

I hope John is on the mend and feeling better! Hug to you, and prayers for John's healing!! ♥

Casmiles on 9:27 PM CST said...

Donna, you're both in my prayers. I hope John is feeling better soon, and you take care of yourself too!

Becky on 12:36 AM CST said...

I pray that John will be feeling better Donna.
I can smell those blueberry muffins from here :).

Melanie on 5:36 PM CST said...

hope things are okay! thinking of you two

Sherman Unkefer on 6:46 AM CST said...

Get well soon John, you will just be fine. God bless you both!

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