Sunday, November 8, 2009

RAK and comment blessings

RAK Jessie

I’ve been remiss to share a few RAK blessings I got and I apologize to the ladies who I am blessed with their friendship! 

The first purple beauty is from none other than the RAK queen herself, Jessie Rone – on her note it said something like, it’s been a while since I send you a card so here is one.  Well, it’s been longer since I sent her one, I think!  Anyway, this card is just perfect for me since I have been blessed with the opportunity to go back to college (previously my only regret in life, that I never finished and that won’t be the case anymore!)  One thing is for sure, I do have to believe in myself – one of my apprehensions in returning was if I was going to finish what I started, I’ve been notorious for starting things and not finishing them when my interest wanes.  Thank you for this beautiful card, Jessie!  I so appreciate you!

My next cardRAK Jennie is one I received a few short weeks ago from Jennie Harper, isn’t it great?  It is to congratulate me for following my dreams of going back to school, it is so thoughtful of her!  I love the new Basic Grey Indian Summer dp she used on the hoodie (sure makes me wish I had a hoodie like it!) Thank you for being so thoughtful, Jennie! I love my card! 

THANK YOU!!  I want to give a special Thank You to each and every person who has responded either directly on my pos, sent a personal email, posted on Facebook, a forum or has called about our precious dog Shelby’s diagnosis over the weekend.  I appreciate every word of encouragement, every prayer offered up for us and most of all, for the time taken to let me know you care.  It was great hearing from people who’ve never commented on my blog before – it’s always great to see who my readers are.  Shelby seems to be doing well, the cough suppressants are keeping her coughing to a minimum and we’ve all been getting some good rest during the night (well except for me, like a mama I wake up every time she coughs, check on her in the middle of the night to give her love and make sure she is o.k. and get up to give her a pill when it’s time) but I am not complaining.  I would do it for anyone I love. 

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3 comments on "RAK and comment blessings"

Carolina on 2:42 AM CST said...

You've been on my mind all weekend. Wish I could be closer to give you hugs...hope you're hanging in there. HUGS and love!

Lori on 4:00 PM CST said...

This blogging thing is great isn't it? I feel like I know you in this short time. I am lovin' that hoodie as well! Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna so sad to hear of your precious Shelby. Your story reminds me of a podcast I heard of how God knows our needs and goes before us. I wish I could remember the person, it may have been John MacArthur. The example was of a mother of a sick child who knows that her child will need more medicine late in the night when the prior dosage wears off. She puts it on the nightstand in advance so that it will be delivered in a timely manner.

You are a great mommy and a great example how God knows our needs and prepares our answers in advance.

Blessings friend. Your cards are wonderful as usual. Getting internet fixed tomorrow so I will be able to surf better soon and catch up with everything.

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