Thursday, June 24, 2010

Center of Attention Product Spotlight - Liquid Adhesives

june product focus
Every month Taylor & half the Baker’s Dozen Design Team take a specific product available in the TE Store and do a focus for our readers!  This month it is on liquid adhesives, of which there are a variety available out there and each one has it’s pros and cons.  We’re here today to share what we used and what features we observed about it!

zipdryglue  I used Zip Dry Paper Glue which is fast drying  on almost all paper types; it never wrinkles paper and dries crystal clear. What I liked about this adhesive is that you can use it to adhere wire to paper as well (and not a lot of adhesives do that).  Zip Dry is different than what I normally use which is Tombow Mono Multi and I have to admit that Mono Multi will still be my favorite because I like the dual applicator feature of that glue and it is much easier to squeeze out.  You have to squeeze real hard to get the Zip Dry to flow so it wouldn't be the best choice for someone with gripping challenges. I also found out that Zip Dry is the WINNER of the Golden Glue Gun Award for Best Adhesive from customer votes on their website!"  I actually tried adhering clear microbeads on the bathing suit & flowers but not long after it had dried, they all fell off unfortunately so they may be good for regular beads but not microbeads (I wish that I had time to try regular beads but I didn’t – I will try to do that in the future and will reference this article).  I used the new Hangin’ Out – at the Beach on my card. 

All our liquid adhesives will be on sale for 15% off following our product focus (June 24-27). 

Be sure to check out the posts from the rest of the gals participating in today’s product focus:

Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive: Jodi
Tombow Mono-Multi Liquid Glue: Karen G.
Zip Dry: Donna (me!)
Dimensional Glitter Glue: Charmaine
Quickie Glue Pen: Melissa
Best Glue Ever: Taylor

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8 comments on "Center of Attention Product Spotlight - Liquid Adhesives"

Alex on 11:37 AM CDT said...

I love that you all do this Donna - and I need this glue since it adheres the wire too :-) This card is super cute girl - I just love it! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Monika/Buzsy on 11:42 AM CDT said...

What a fabulous card Donna! Love the colors, that paper... the images! :o)

Colleen on 2:21 PM CDT said...

This is one of my fav adhesives and if you're having trouble getting it out, just cut the tip a little bigger and it'll come out much easier!

My other little tip for people would be to stand the bottle up when you're finished with it for the day and give it a little squeeze to make sure you can hear air coming through the top. What you want to do is get out any adhesive in the spout so that it won't clog in there between uses!

Lori on 2:34 PM CDT said...

Loving the island feel of this card! The ladies swimsuit is adorable and it's good that it isn't tropical, gives nice contrast. Thanks for the links to all of the glue reviews.

Karen Motz on 3:24 PM CDT said...

This is so pretty and summery!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) on 8:49 AM CDT said...

Adorable card, Donna! I LOVE that suit!

Joan Ervin on 11:05 PM CDT said...

Hey Miss is everything down south??? I love your sweet's just tooo cute and thanks for all the info about the adhesive!!! Hope the house is almost finished...I bet you can't wait to move in!!!

Christi on 12:03 PM CDT said...

Girl, I am t-totally in love with this card!! Wowza!!!!

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