Friday, January 20, 2012

My 2nd quilt and Friday Night Sew In here I come!!

front done
It sure feels great to share a big accomplishment like completing my 2nd quilt with you!!   I was determined last weekend (3-day) to finish this quilt I started cutting last September during Friday Night Sew In!!  I sewed some squares in the middle of the week (Tue-Thu), took Friday night off, and started EARLY Sat morning (like 7:00 a.m.), stayed up until midnight.  Then, started again Sun morning about 9:00 because I slept in, then finished at 8:30 p.m. about 30 mins before John came home from his geocaching trip with a friend!   It was a marathon for sure!  I basically took restroom, eating, some housework and sleeping breaks (which included a few luxurious naps!) All the while, I watched almost all 3 seasons of The United States of Tara which is a really good series on Showtime about a mom, wife who has MPD  (multiple personality disorder) or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).  It was funny and heartbreaking at times.   Here is a link to a tutorial for a rag quilt.  I got instructions with the kit I bought.

I was so determined to be able to ENJOY using it for a little while because before we know it, Spring will be here and it will be put away until next Fall/Winter!  It is SO incredibly soft, cozy and clean smelling since I washed it right after I cut my last portion of it!  It is a RAG quilt and definitely not the last one I make.  However, it may be the only one I pay full price for the fabrics for though!   The front is made using a special roll of flannels by Robert Kaufman (Alpine Frost) by The Cotton Cupboard.  It was one of my last purchases on my quilt bus trip I took with my friend Stephanie back in July. 

back done
In August when John was hanging out at Stephanie and James’ house (who live around the corner from there), I asked him to go get me the fabric for the backing.  I told him I wanted red if they had it (to pick up the berries on the holly fabrics) and some of the others that are in the front of the set.  Jessica (the store owner) and I chatted on the phone briefly as I told her I trusted her judgment in picking out the fabrics.  I was so pleased when he came home (and not just because I got what I wanted, but because he was willing to do it in the first place!) thanks Honey you did good!  *he reads my blog*  So here is the backing which I absolutely LOVE!  the POP of red is awesome especially because it pokes through the front because of the ragging!  You can enlarge the photos if you want a closer look! 

I am off to participate in the first of 2012’s Friday Night Sew Ins hosted by Bobbi and Heidi!   I will share tomorrow what I worked on!

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7 comments on "My 2nd quilt and Friday Night Sew In here I come!!"

Krysta on 12:20 AM CST said...

Wow both of your quilts are absolutely gorgeous, congratulations!

Madeleen on 2:52 AM CST said...

Thanks for sharing your quilting with us Donna! I love the look of the rag quilt! It looks gorgeous!

Cedar Creek on 8:32 AM CST said...

You are welcome!

Melissa @ my meller on 4:42 PM CST said...

Oh I love rag quilts too. Look at all of your squares, that must've been so much snipping for you! But the end result is great!

Melanie on 5:31 PM CST said...

These quilts are awesome, you should be so proud!!

Hani@Craftionary on 11:23 PM CST said...

Wow.. These quilts are amazing.. Can't wait to see More of these fantastic ideas.. :)
Thanks for linking"

Katie's Nesting Spot on 6:26 PM CST said...

I love it and I'm very impressed, I've never finished any sewing project as big as that!

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