Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simple Masculine Thinking of You sketch

thinking of you

I had the best intentions to play in every month’s sketch for you to try by Jen Del Muro last year.  I think I slacked off after about the 4th month.  This year, I will try again because I LOVE her sketches!   Here is January’s sketch – which I made into a masculine card for a co-worker who was dealing with the year anniversary of his 13 year old daughter’s death earlier this month.  Everyone in the department signed it and he sure appreciated it!  He was impressed with me making it but more than that, was happy he had someone who has dealt with loss, to share with.

He is new to our department (since Oct) and sits next to me.  When I first met him, he was very open about his loss and since we have had several opportunities to chat, I’ve learned more about it.  One day he shared with how difficult (and how he was dreading) coming to the day of her death and how he was going to make it through.  For some reason, I shared briefly about how, although I have not had a child or lost one, I do know loss because I was 9 when my dad died and 25 when my mom did.  It really hit him so hard to think that although he lost his daughter – it put things in perspective to know that I have lost BOTH my parents and he wanted to know how I deal with it.  I shared and he was grateful. It’s not often I really get to share the struggles I have going through life without my parents to share it with me.  Sure I have in-laws that I am close with and love dearly, but it’s just not the same as having my own around.  It meant a lot to me that he took the time to sympathize with my loss and just couldn’t imagine it since he takes for granted both his parents are alive.  It’s just not until someone has experienced the loss of a parent that they truly comprehend what it’s like.  I am glad I can be there for him even if it’s just a few words to let him know everything will be all right and he needs to talk/think about her to keep her memory alive.

I used the Nature’s Greetings stamp set by Gina K, kraft pure luxury cardstock for my base, Echo Park’s Times and Seasons pattern paper and a black button for a simple embellishment.

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to the new Gina K release which is on Tuesday night!!  The 3-day inspiration hop starts Wednesday, hope you will join us!  I am off to create with the awesome new sets! 

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5 comments on "Simple Masculine Thinking of You sketch"

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful card and your comments. Like you, I've not had or lost a child, but I think one never gets over losing a parent even when they are old/ill and not much quality life. You're never ready to lose them. It was good that you could share with your co-worker and I'm sure it helped him.


Anonymous said...

Donna, this card is so such a beautiful masculine card, but the important thing is what it stands for; you are such a dear to think about his loss and share yours! I have been there as well. Here is my story: I lost both of my parents in a plane crash when I was 30 {there was 1 person survive-my dad's friend}; I lost both my brothers {at different times} and my youngest daughter when she was just 15. I've had a house fire {totally demolished}. But you know what? I am a survivor!! My in-laws live very far away, so I have no one else, EXCEPT...I have my husband, my oldest daughter, and a son we adopted at birth 12 years ago! God blesses us in so many ways and he wants us to look forward and bless others, doesn't he? And you are that blessing to your friend; and you don't know it, but you are a blessing to me, my dear friend!!! I love ya!!

Jenny, on 7:18 PM CST said...

What a lovely card, so love the colours. x

karen prosser on 10:15 AM CST said...

What lovely work you do...your cards are very beautiful...thanks for sharing with us...

jodyleblanc on 12:31 AM CST said...

I love your cards! nice work! ;)

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