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No Sew Baby Blanket, matching card & our new family member!

baby boy jack
I hope your first week of 2012 started off well.  For me, it was nothing to complain about – I am just blessed! 
Today I have a fun safari no-sew fleece baby blanket and matching card to share with you!  I made this to send all the way to Hawaii because a dear friend is there to celebrate the birth of her first grandchild, Jack who was welcomed into the world on Dec 31 at 4:50 pm after 5 grueling days of labor!  He was 9 lb 11 oz and 22 inches!  He is a miracle baby and I am so excited about his arrival (his mommy was told about 7 years ago she was most likely never going to be able to conceive after a medical issue.  Sharisse is someone I watched grow up from a sweet, loving 8 year old girl who affectionately called me Don-Don into a gorgeous, successful Korean linguist who I know will be a wonderful mommy because she was raised by a wonderful mommy herself!  I wish I had pictures of the family but I don’t yet!  Looking forward to seeing Jack!
no sew fleece blanket
This blanket was incredibly easy and fun to make!  All you have to do is get 2 coordinating fleece fabrics (these were on sale at a local fabric store for 60% off) and cut them the same size and lay them out wrong sides together.  **Edited to add, I purchased 1 yd of each fabric.  The finished size of this blanket is rectangular 30x52.  I wish I had purchased 1.25 or more yards for this since I would have preferred a square blanket but it was my first so that's o.k.! Live and Learn

Next, I cut strips about 1 inch wide and 4.5 inches long and tied them together all the way around!  Then you can see the back color which is fun!  It is incredibly warm too!   I already got more fabrics to make myself one, as well as my niece Gabby and nephew Joey for Christmas (yes, I am that much a planner – already got 4 Christmas gifts ready to make!) I am going to have a stress-free Christmas in 2012 so I don’t make myself sick with stress like I did in 2011! 
The card I made using Gina K stamps Zoo Animals was perfect to match this blanket!  I also used a few of Tami’s sets (Special Occasion tags and Label Borders) because I used the CPS sketch 249 this week which coordinates so nicely with the sets!  Lastly, the hanging leaves on the top of the card are from Theresa’s Vogue Vases set!  I am also going to upload this card into the StampTV Free for All Friday challenge by Michelle which is All About Baby!  I am not eligible to win any free stamps for that set since I am on the design team, but I still like to play along when I can! 

mokaPERSONAL NEWS!!  As for our newest family member; the week before Christmas, we got another cat!  We went to the Austin Animal Center and adoptions were discounted by $50!  What a deal!  John has been wanting a cat of his own since Elsie is mine and since Elsie doesn’t have her sisters Chica and Shelby anymore, we thought MAYBE she would like a companion!  He so wanted a lap cat like Elsie is with me but *Moka (which is what he decided to name her) is not so much a lap cat yet.  We both hope it changes.  She is a little spastic at times (*which is why we call her Moka Loca a lot) but is slowly calming down.  She is 6 months old and is a tortoiseshell cat who has a lot of personality already.  She doesn’t really like to be grabbed but we will do it just to get close to her at times and she slowly calms down, she likes to play which is so fun to watch and she so wants to be friends with Elsie, who was NOT happy with us the first week we brought Moka home but is slowly coming around! 

on bed
I snapped this picture this morning (no sheets on the bed because they’re in the wash), and for them to be this close is a BIG deal!  They like to chase each other around the house  at night and in the mornings!  It’s so great to see although occasionally, there is some hissing from Elsie when she is tired of Moka.  We have already established bed time is treat time.  They both follow me in the room and I throw them treats and they chase after them (Elsie to eat them and Moka to mainly play with them although she decides she will indulge once in a while) otherwise Elsie gets most of the treats! 

We forgot how fun it can be with more than 1 cat in the house since it had been roughly 2 years (to the weekend) we lost our sweet Chica that we brought Moka into our lives.  We look forward to many more fun years of them interacting with one another! 
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12 comments on "No Sew Baby Blanket, matching card & our new family member!"

Stitchin' time on 4:43 PM CST said...

What a cute little blanket and the card is just perfect to go with it :)! Your friend will be delighted with this.
Your Moka Loca resembles my Maddy cat. Doesn't take much thinking to realise why my cat is called Maddy! I do hope Moka doesn't jump off bedheads straight onto a sleeping person's abdomen, thereby making a toilet visit an emergency(and while your up you *must* feed the cat if you want more sleep),like my Maddy does!!

Betty Benton on 7:41 AM CST said...

Wonderful blanket and card (my sister made blankets for my grandkids this past year and they love them). Elsie will get used to Moka soon and stop hissing and I'm sure when Moka gets a little age on her, she'll be ready to look for a lap! Until then, have fun watching her do the playful kitten things!!

Jennie on 7:46 AM CST said...

What a sweet gift Donna and love that blanket!! I was the recipient of one of those 2 years ago and still my favorite cuddly blanket for watching movies :) Your matching card is just too cute, adorable how it really matches...hope Asela sees it!! Sweet cats and know they bring joy!!

Anonymous said...

Love this adorable no sew baby blanket and matching card. I need a newborn gift and this would be perfect. Please share the size of the blankets. Thank you, Pam

Erin on 10:10 AM CST said...

How fantastic! Love the blankek and the card is amazing!!!

Sally on 6:14 PM CST said...

I love your fleece blanket and your new kitty, too. I don't have the patience for those no-sew fleece blankets, but I'm not really sure why... Anyway, you blanket looks great and I'm sure it will get lots of snuggles from its new boy.

sarah on 6:32 PM CST said...

Very nice!! I'm sure UR friend will luv this...

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl on 8:59 AM CST said...

Awww! How SWEET is she! Congrats on your new family member!!!

Katie's Nesting Spot on 12:42 PM CST said...

Great project, I especially like how the card matches the fleece. That was either great planning or a very happy accident! I never seem to get it together, to think to coordinate things like that. The pattern of your fleece is so cute and I know the baby will love snuggling on it!

KonaRose on 12:53 PM CST said...

Aloha, Donna,
Wowzer, love the card and the blankey! I don't understand the no-sew part though :) We've been waking to chilly low 60s here in Hawai'i (I'm on Big Island) with very cold winds coming down from the mountains, sometimes snow up on top. So this blanket is really going to be snuggly for new baby. You are so thoughtful and creative. Love to see all you make. Hope your new kitty settles in soon, becomes a lap kitty. Hugs, Rosy

Hani@Craftionary on 4:45 PM CST said...

I love the blanket.. It's so cute! :)
Thanks for sharing

joy on 10:11 PM CST said...

Congratulations on the sketch 249 win! This is so cute! I'm sure the new baby will love it!

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