Friday, August 26, 2011

Late with a challenge, my busy week and Celebrity News!

Ugh!  I just realized I am late posting this challenge to CASE the DT (design team) at StampTV!  The challenge is over…but you cacase catn still participate in any challenge, any given time! I made this card last weekend, but I have had hardly any time on the computer all week  - it’s been a rough one!**More on that later in the post.**  I made this card to CASE Cat Tidwell, and I had so much fun!  When you CASE (copy& share everything), the idea is to change 2 or more elements such as the stamps, embellishments or colors you use but you keep the layout the same.  I chose this cute card of Cat’s to case, changing 1/2 the stamps (still used Inspiration Mosaic), orientation of the card (horizontal to vertical), cardstock and embellishments.  I made this card to send to my friend Stephanie who sewed with me last Friday for Friday Night Sew In!  I hope she likes it and is surprised.  I also used the Sew Pretty stamps, white & fresh asparagus cardstock, Sweet Threads Basic Grey paper and ribbon & brads from my stash.

Crazy Busy Week – it all started last Sunday evening when we got a call from a prospective buyer for John’s car just as I was starting to put dinner together (pinto beans & yummy chicken tacos courtesy of The Pioneer Woman’s brother).  So we met him & his friend and he agreed to buy the car (after we had it for sale for a week and had reduced the price) the next day after work.  John needs a truck and his Camry has been driven by me for almost a year since he hurt his knee and it was harder on him to get in and out of.  I have a Honda CR-V and because it’s higher up, is way more comfortable but I missed Black Beauty (that’s my car’s name).  John gave her back to me after she went to the beauty parlor and got all cleaned up (car wash, oil change, detail) and it was SO nice driving her again!  But…then we were down to being a one-car family and that’s rough when we have 2 different work schedules.  Each night this week we went out looking for a truck too!  I think we may have found it *praying it all works out now* all this to say why I missed posting this card on time!  It’s been an exhausting week at work – I ended up working 10 1/2 hours yesterday just so I didn’t have to work a full day today (totally worth it!) My 1/2 day Fridays are coming to an end *sniff sniff* I love my job! 

I am looking forward to tomorrow – hopefully get the truck and spend the afternoon/evening with Stephanie & James bottling our wine for Christmas!  I will be back to share pictures of that adventure!   

with PWCELEBRITY NEWS: Did you know the Pioneer Woman is going to have her own show on The Food Network?  It will air tomorrow for the first time 10:30 am central time - make sure you check it out!  Will definitely record it because I would forget otherwise!  We got to meet her almost 2 years ago, she came to Austin for her book signing and I wanted her signed book for Christmas! IMG_3100 I have enjoyed many delicious recipes from her website, her gorgeous photographs, sharing life on the ranch and her humor and really wanted a taste of history too (I commented back then that it would be great if she got her own show on Food Network, that’s foreshadowing).  John stood in line for 5+ hours to get it and she is so beautiful & genuine (I ended up meeting him at the bookstore after I got out of school).  Here is a picture of us Marlboro man signingtogether – I know a celebrity!  Can’t wait to see her show!  John had the great idea for all her family members to sign my book, all 4 of her kids and her handsome husband she calls ‘The Marlboro Man’ were there, so while we waited in line, we grabbed their signatures – this is my favorite IMG_3101to the right…how awesome is that?  She has a thing for chaps and this says it all…and that, my friends is food for thought and the end of my post…

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3 comments on "Late with a challenge, my busy week and Celebrity News!"

Lori on 10:52 AM CDT said...

Awesome looking card, Donna! How fun to meet your cookbook hero. Good luck with the new truck, praying it all goes through!

Stephanie S said...

Thank you so much for the card! It is beautiful! You are so good at matching the card to the person you are giving it to... I love the colors and the pattern! I forgot to mention that I enjoy getting stuff in the mail, so even though the card arrived the same day I saw you, it was a nice surprise!

Looking forward to our next FNSI (and opening that bottle of ice wine)! :)

Jessie/knightrone on 4:31 PM CDT said...

Fabulous card, and I LOVE her..I am going to start trying some of her recipes. They all look so yummy!

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