Monday, March 12, 2007

Black & White Gift Set

I have a co-worker who loves black & white (she loves to shop at the B & W store, I can't remember the name of it at the mall) so I figured for her 30th birthday I would give her this gift set. I got the note pads, candle at Michael's ($1 spot) & made the notecards with floral bg, organdy ribbon & gingham ribbon to match. Then I stamped the card & tissue with doodle this and voila! instant homemade matching gift...I love it when stuff like this comes together & I can hardly wait until April 6 to give it to her! I know she's going to LOVE it. I just wish I knew where my white wrapping paper is or my white bags - I wasn't crazy about the brown paper bag to put everything in (oh well, the result of the recent move & not totally settled yet)
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4 comments on "Black & White Gift Set"

Stephanie said...

I love this black and white set and I am sure your friend will too. I live in Austin as the rain! Bluebonnets soon!!! Stephanie

Ashley on 4:32 PM CDT said...

WOW! Great job on the gift set. You co-worker is going to love it. I too love B&W.

lisa johnson said...

Love this... it's so luscious!
Thanks for sharing! I love B&W.
Thanks for linking to my blog!

Chris Smith on 8:38 PM CDT said...

What an elegant ensemble!

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