Monday, March 19, 2007

Hope Is...

Recently a work associate (A/R at one of my vendor's) who is my age was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I wanted to make her something special. I started making jewelry recently and this was my first attempt at a bracelet. My supervisor who is her best friend told me she's worn it everyday since receiving it. I know this is a tough battle but I think she's a fighter & will lick this!
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Kristine on 9:38 PM CDT said...

I agree!! She will get through this and be better equipped to help others fighting the same thing. I have a friend who's about 4 yrs younger than me) who had Hodgekins Lymphoma last year. She was only 29 at the time and has 2 little boys, 5 & 7 yrs. She got through it great and her tests are clear now. We had fun shopping for scarves etc. She now walks with her boys in the Relay for Life. it's a good thing. I wish her blessings. :0)

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