Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I am SO excited!!! Charmaine (Charmwarm on SCS) posted some Oodagoodies (check out what I am getting here) to give away & although I have been stalking blog candy for DAYS - this is the 1st time I won - can I get a WHOOP, WHOOP!!?!?!! I will post some creations I make with my Oodagoodies (how cute is that name for Blog Candy?!)

Stay tuned - because as I've mentioned before - I plan to post my 1st Donna's Delectable Delights (DH came up with that, how do you like it?) to give away soon as I've reached over 2,500 hits on my blog!!! Yee Haw!! Pin It

2 comments on "I WON MY FIRST BLOG CANDY!!!"

Jackie on 5:31 PM CDT said...

Congratulations - those were some wonderful Oodagoodies, too!

Kristine on 5:48 PM CDT said...

That's sooo awesome--Congrats on your winning!! (I won a blog candy one time, but still haven't recieved it after 3 months!?) Anyway, I'm happy for you!

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