Monday, February 2, 2009

Bittersweet E-girl

You may remember I said the new Bittersweet Basic Grey stack is my favorite right now since I love pink & brown together, so naturally I wanted to paper-piece my Who's that E-girl with it. I used the MFT sketch challenge 66 (MFTSC66) for my card which is a fun one for all these patterns that coordinate! I used the kitty from Isabelle paperdolls to perch on e-girl's legs. Reminds me of my cats, mainly Elsie my black & white baby (the reason I say that is because although she is almost 8 years old, she still whines, cries & begs for my attention - doesn't that sound like some babies?) oh and she snuggles in my hair while kneading just like a kitten would while nursing with their mama.

Usually when I'm on the bed using my laptop she is either snuggled laying right next to me, laying in betwen my outstretched legs, stretching up on her hind legs to snuggle in my hair or laying on my chest (the latter is real tricky when trying to type and she usually doesn't stay there for long) but it gives you some kind of idea how much she adores me and longs for my attention & affection. So this card was made for me - Elsie is letting me know how much she loves me!

My Favorite Things is having their new release blog hop on Wednesday February 4 at midnight EST and I am excited to be able to share my creations as My Favorite Guest Designer for their MFT Presents line! Be sure to come back & check out all the exciting samples I'm SURE the design team will have for you!

PERSONAL NOTE: We had a super busy weekend; went car shopping for John - 10 hours on Sat and found a 2001 Toyota Camry in great condition at the END of the day!! It was a little disappointing to get to a lot & cars he was interested in would have recently been sold but I kept saying, "the right one is out there" and it was. It had been traded an hour before we arrived at this last dealership and coincidentally it was the same car John had wished he'd bought 2 cars ago! Best thing about it, no car payments! Woohoo! Physically he is doing about the same, 2 visits later the chiropractor said his lower back vertabrae are compacted and it's very uncomfortable. At least he has the car stuff out of the way and can concentrate on getting better. At work, John got a promotion although the 'official' notice hasn't been sent, he did get the job as Senior Counselor and I am so proud of him! This month he will have his 3-year anniversary there, what a way to celebrate!
Last night we went to one of his co-worker's house for Super Bowl - they're such a great group of close-knit people; funny commercials, good food, great company, exciting game in the last quarter but I we were rooting for the underdog Cardinals, (it was sad they lost) but we had fun! I'm pretty tired today! Pin It

8 comments on "Bittersweet E-girl"

Shannon on 8:58 AM CST said...

Great card!!!! I can't wait for the new releases and blog hop!

Jessica said...

Love the BG Bittersweet line, and you made it work perfectly here.

Jessie/knightrone on 9:49 AM CST said...

Gorgeous papers, they work so well with this image!! I love that you added the cat..too cute!!

Catherine on 10:18 AM CST said...

Okay, i would totally buy that couch...LOL! cute, cute card. Congrats to your hubby :)

Rose Ann on 2:15 PM CST said...

I LOVE your card, Donna!! The pretty papers and paper piecing look wonderful!! Love the kitty too!!

Sounds like a fun weekend! Glad you were able to find a car for John. Congrats to John on his promotion too!! I hope his back is feeling better soon!!

Vanessa on 4:22 PM CST said...

Congrats to John on the job promotion, and glad you all found a car. Would he be interested in acupuncture for his back?

Carolina on 1:14 AM CST said...

Adorable card and thanks for the personal update. I was wondering how John was feeling. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he's able to heal quickly.

Congrats to John on the promotion and new car...glad to see some good stuff is coming your way!

Justine on 2:55 PM CST said...

I feel so proud that I had some teeny part in the creation of this set. Cannot imagine what it would feel like to create the whole thing. WOW, anyhow, love what you have done with her

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