Monday, October 29, 2007

Bookwormabella Bookmark

I knew right away when I saw Bookwormabella I had to have her...because I love to read & I know a lot of people who love to read. I knew I would have to make her into a magnetic bookmark! How fun is she to keep your place? I just picked up this book for my sister who collects (also reads) James Patterson in hardback. I made her the bookmark to go with it. I always take gifts when I visit my family in CA and the trip on Thursday is NO exception. I may even smuggle a few Christmas gifts so I don't have to ship them in Dec. *wink* sorry about the blur, trying to rush because I have a TON of things to do before Thursday and we are trying to go visit one of our best friend's in the hospital (a deer hit him when he was on his motorcycle last weekend - get this, without a helmet on {I was always getting on his & his wife's case about that} and he did NOT lay his bike down, it was a miracle)! The guy who was driving behind him saw it all, it was a 4-point buck and he died, but the impact (according to the guy who witnessed it) made our friend move about 3 feet! Thank God for his safety! Later on, he found out a friend of his also hit a 10-pt deer, but they were not as fortunate - it punctured their tire. But thank God they were not hurt. Anyway, our friend has a staph infection in his leg the deer hit. No broken bones, scratches or anything just a lot of force on his leg that it balloonned up & he's on some serious antibiotics. If you are a praying person and would like to say a prayer for our friend his name is Dan. Thanks!

Update: Our friend Dan is doing better, the Dr's are ruling out a staph infection, seems like all the swelling & supposed infection was just caused by the blunt force trauma of the deer.

ETA: Beverly Gerard at Savor the Journey posted a great bookmark too (great minds think alike, huh?) but she did a much better job explaining how to make these check out hers here and I was trying to figure out how to add a ribbon (DH said leave it as is) and now I know! Thanks, Beverly!
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5 comments on "Bookwormabella Bookmark"

Lisa's Blessed A Latte on 2:45 AM CDT said...

Will pray for your friend Donna...Have a fun trip!!!

Melissa on 10:55 AM CDT said...

How do you make a magnetic bookmark? I would love to know!

Tex on 12:48 AM CDT said...

Oooh, Donna!
I truly do love your Bookmarkabella idea!! She is darling!

And your friend goes on my prayers tonight! How fortunate he is to be intact ... but this situation certainly is serious enough!

Rose Ann on 8:25 PM CST said...

Your bookmark is so cute!

Thank God your friend faired as well in his accident. My DH wants a motorcycle, and that is what I'm afraid of most. Lots of deer in Michigan!

Cedar Creek on 9:54 PM CST said...

Great Presentation! What book is that?

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