Saturday, October 27, 2007

You Make Me Smile Award

Something just made me SMILE - it was a post on Monika's blog M.A.D. Stamper where she nominated me for the award. How sweet is that?? I know this award has gone around several blogs, but I am going to tag the following bloggers with this award! If you have already been tagged - no worries!

Rose Ann
Rose Ann takes the time to comment on my blog all the time & it makes me feel special, I love her work!

Kathy lives in the Bay Area where I grew up & I look forward to meeting her one day & she posts the most awesome Eye Candy every Tuesday! She sent me one of the first blogger RAK's I got!

Heather posted a great crock pot recipe, Chicken Tortilla soup which I loved and also sent more when I had a little contest to get more recipes! Her kids are the cutest!

Terry and I were hooked up as roomies during 2006 Virtual Convention and have remained stamping friends since...and hope we meet one day! It's uncanny how many things we have in common!

I met Beverly a year ago at the N. Texas SCS Shoebox swap - we had a great day & nice dinner at Olive Garden with other SCSers - it was a lot of fun. Beverly is always taking the time to comment on my blog too. Pin It

2 comments on "You Make Me Smile Award"

Tex on 11:48 PM CDT said...

Awwwwwwww, Donna! You're the sweetest! It's no wonder that you were nominated for the "You Make Me Smile Award!" Your creations inspire me on a regular basis!!


Rose Ann on 8:32 PM CST said...

Thanks, Donna!! You are sooo sweet!

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