Saturday, June 2, 2007

Birthday Celebrations!

This blogthing about what color nail polish are you is so fitting right now. Last night we 'celebrated' my birthday with BIL, MIL, MIL's friend. We had Mangieri's pizza/subs delivered & an ice cream cake - yum! Here's a picture of gifts from MIL & her friend.

I love making sure my toes are painted! My favorite nail polish brand is OPI (I love the names of their colors)! In fact, I just got a new one from my DMIL for my birthday & it's called Maine-iac Mauve! It's a pretty neutral color, so I'll use it on my fingers instead...I love to go BOLD with my toes so they stand out. I like to give myself pedicures & manicures. Of course I like to be pampered at salons too-but that's once in a blue moon. Actually back in Feb I treated my friend Danielle (8 mos pg) to a pedi/mani and I had a pedi at the same time. It was fun!! But since it's my birthday weekend, it's time I do mine & now I can really treat myself with these goodies in tow! I can't wait! But I will have to - DH and I are going to look at a builder & a SIP's home (which is what we're leaning toward with our new home (Structurally Insulated Panelized System) where the house is insulated with styrofoam blown into the panels instead of wood for the walls. it would still need to have drywall but with this type of home you need not worry about termites, molds, allergies, and it keeps your home cool! We're trying to build as green as possible. So my stamping & pedi/mani are going to have to wait until this evening but that's o.k. Later I'll post the sweet card on the right that is from my DMIL's DF (dear friend) that made me cry. Pin It

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