Sunday, June 17, 2007

Project Organization Complete!

I was inspired by Craft Critique's Organization Carnival to really get organized with my stamping space and by DH's desire to set up his XBOX 360 (to play Halo live on the internet) and put MIL's computer in the same room. So - I was on a hunt to get tips, hints for storage & organization...check out the post for part 2 to see more organization & stamping space photos.

Here are a few photos of our BEFORE (insert slight embarrassement)

And here is our AFTER. We started working on this Friday evening. We went to Wal-mart on Sat & bought some cheap fabric because I had the idea to cover up underneath the table. I'm happy how it turned out. When I sit at my desk, all I do is bunch up the cover (it's velcro) to the left of me & then put it back when I'm done. I don't like looking at all the clutter (there's not that much clutter underneath but that's where the garbage can & all my stamps are you can see on the right of the before photo)& don't feel others should either, that's where the idea came from. It took me about 2 hours to do the table skirt (shortcut used was fabric glue because my sewing machine is in storage). As soon as I'm done to stamp I go!! Refreshed, renewed & recharged!! Look out!!

New space (computer on the left) DH said he's happy about that now, he can look at me stamping when he's on the computer (how sweet)

My new space

DH playing XBOX 360 & Shelby relaxing

MIL's computer space and tv for game playing

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2 comments on "Project Organization Complete!"

Kathy on 7:43 PM CDT said...

I love seeing everyone's spaces. I keep trying to tell dh that I should use the "gameroom" as my stamping room as well but you know how small California bedrooms are-there's no room for all my crap and his toys since we had to get a big HDTV to really experience the Xbox360 games :-) Maybe someday he'll want to share our hobby spaces or we'll find a space big enough that we can share our hobby spaces.

SpAzzGiRL on 11:15 AM CDT said...

Love what you did and making the skirt is genius to cover up the storage, almost like the "shove it under the bed technique" I like to use for cleaning. LOL
Now that it's all clean...Go mess it up and make something. LOL

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