Friday, June 1, 2007

Blogger BRAK!!

I got the sweetest birthday RAK (it's Sunday) from Monika Davis (SCS Buzsy) today - I knew her name sounded familiar so I checked out her blog & sure was because I sent HER a BRAK in March (it was one of my firsts)! How sweet was she to send me one back MONTHS makes me feel real special, actually!! Make sure you check out her great blog! She is from Hungary & has great tips of the week (the first thing I noticed about the card she sent me is how she used the word window punch & scallops in the middle of the card! Isn't that cute?! Pin It

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scrappintrish on 8:29 PM CDT said...

OMG! I did not know your Birthday was Sunday. Your card will be late :( Sorry. I wish I would have known! I will get it made tomorrow and get it send right out on Monday (Along with your other card. hehe! Sorry, i've been a slacker! :D ) Happy Birthday though... :)

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