Tuesday, December 8, 2009

“The best and most beautiful things…


in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart” ~Helen Keller

I just adore this quote;  I can’t even begin to imagine what life was like for Helen Keller who was not able to see or hear.  It’s true what they say about the remaining senses being heightened when one is affected.  I know this because John’s step-grandfather was blinded in an accident in his early 20’s (he fell from a platform and it was a miracle he lived).  As a result, he met John’s grandmother (both attending college) when she helped him get through his studies without being able to read.  They fell in love and married not long after.  He decided not to learn to read Braille and has relied heavily on her assistance over the years and she is a wonderful helpmate for him.  His hearing is heightened as a result, and has a difficult time being in noisy places, trying to decipher the voices around him.  He is a retired minister who performed our marriage ceremony and he has quite a sense of humor.  Once he announced us husband and wife, he leaned to me and asked me to come closer.  When I did, he reached out his hand to touch my face and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek.  Then, he chuckled at John and said, “I got to kiss your wife first” – we all cracked up.  I think John was annoyed.   It was a beautiful ceremony (one that I may share more about later because this post is about him being blind). 

A testimony to his character is that he never blamed God for his accident; he has devoted his life to helping others through God’s love, reaching out to those in need, always willing to lend an ear and pray with others. In fact, I rest assured in the knowledge that every morning both of them pray for me, for us, everyone in the family, in fact.  They are prayer warriors and I am grateful for them.  I feel their love even though we are miles apart. 

A little about my card now – this is the new TE set Discover Your Wings, a portion of the sale of this set for the next 3 months will go to the charity, Now I lay me down to sleep (NILMDTS).  I stamped the silhouette flowers in brown ink and sponged various yellows, oranges and reds for a sunset on glossy cardstock.  The card base and layers are prism and from the Nov 20th key ingredients

Personal News to share:   For those of you who may not follow on Facebook; I started a temporary job with a staffing agency this week!  I’m grateful but it’s been a little challenging getting back to working all day.  I also had my Algebra final tonight (thank God it’s over although I will miss my great teacher and classmates!) In other news – I got that long anticipated goal of an “A” on my last test!  Go Me!   Next semester I take Intro to Anatomy/Physiology an Essentials of Medical Terminology – I’m so excited about those classes!  That was a long post – if you stayed with me the whole time, thanks and hope you have a great day! 

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6 comments on "“The best and most beautiful things…"

Jennie on 11:00 AM CST said...

Beautiful post Donna. Truly what a blessing he is in your life...and a prayer warrior too. We need more of those. Your card is just stunning...love it and congrats on your A and enjoy the break from school!

thestampinglady on 1:46 PM CST said...

Amazing story Donna. Thank you for sharing the story of hope and accomplishments during the holiday season.

Your card is stunning and congrats on the grades! WTG. Dar

Christi on 1:52 PM CST said...

What an amazing story and gorgeous card! I've missed you Donna!!!

Casmiles on 4:44 PM CST said...

Beautiful card, Donna

And congratulations on your A. You go girl. I'm glad your enjoying school, and still finding time to stamp and motivate all of us.

Lori on 6:10 PM CST said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work. That was a moving story about John's Step-Grandfather, thanks for sharing it. A very pretty card as well, looks like a sunset to me.

Rose Ann on 11:06 AM CST said...

Your silhouette card is so very beautiful, and I love the colors!! Thanks for sharing your heart-touching story about John's step-grandfather. He sounds like a wonderful man.

Best of luck with your new job, and congrats once again on your success in Algebra!!

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