Monday, November 12, 2007

RRAK from Nicole Cooke

Look at the FABULOUS Return RAK I got form Nicole Cooke, The Stampin' Librarian! (oops, don't look at the link in the watermark, it's wrong! Just click on her name above to see her blog! Isn't it so pretty & sparkly? I LOVE it, Nicole! THANK YOU!

btw: I'm still trying to get over this thing and believe it will be over soon, the congestion is finally coming out, it's no fun coughing & blowing my noze constantly and this perpetual sore throat has got to go! It's been more than a week now (ugh) SO no new projects until I'm well. Plus, I have to prepare for my stamp club coming over on Weds/Thurs.
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3 comments on "RRAK from Nicole Cooke"

Tex on 11:56 PM CST said...


TerryK on 9:04 AM CST said...

It's lovely Donna! Glad that you are on the road to recovery. Sending you get well hugs and prayers. Take Care! TerryK

Rose Ann on 5:13 PM CST said...

Beautiful RAK! Lucky you! ;)

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