Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blogger Bingo Card - Sympathy

Here's a new card for Julee's contest of Beach Blogger Bingo We only started on the 20th and we've had 1 winners already! When we upload cards, Julee calls bingo numbers so the more cards we make, the faster we go! She's been giving out some awesome prizes too! This card is doubling as a sympathy card for Julia Stainton I've wanted to send her since her mom passed away. Pin It

2 comments on "Blogger Bingo Card - Sympathy"

Shadowcatcher on 2:27 AM CDT said...

Such a pretty card. I love how you did the sentiment panel - very cool!

Melissa on 10:37 AM CDT said...

Beautiful card! And an excellent choice for the occasion.

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