Friday, June 22, 2007

Never be the first to let go of a hug...

I was surprised with a Thank You bouquet of the most fragrant pink roses in a bulb vase yesterday at work! By the gal who I made this gift for back in March. She came in to say thank you personally for blessing her. She also brought a bouquet to her best friend (my supervisor who has been a great support for her) and the receptionist here (who is also a Breast Cancer Survivor that can relate to what she is going through).

Wow - I was shocked at this gesture. When I shared this humble act with John he said now 'that is ture gratitude.' How often do we say Thank You in a bigger way for something someone did that meant so much to us? Sure we can send a card or a quick email...but how much more special is it to BLESS someone back for BLESSING you? I must have given her about 4 hugs...and they were real hugs, not the kind that are wimpy with a fake pat on the shoulder - I'm talking the kind that bridge the gap between casual acquaintances; connecting two souls, where you don't want to be the first to let go. The hugs were more than just just than you for the roses; they were also to let her know I'm glad she's doing better, beating this thing! She said there's only 3 more treatments. I meant it when I told her she looked so great because she does!! I actually saw her eyes well with tears at one point. I always think of the saying I read a long time ago, to "never be the first to let go of a hug". I know it sounds a little silly because if two people believe that, who's ever going to let go and get on with life? It's neat to think about though. There is power in a warm, meaningful hug.

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