Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Wow it was a cool few days of mail after my birthday! Here's what I got!!

The first 2 are from DEB ALBRIGHT - not sure if she intentionally meant to send me 2 BRAKS but hey, that was sweet!!! Check out her blog Life Out of the Shell. The one on the left is made with my all time favorite colors together & Delight in Life SAB '07 set. I LOVE purple & green! The polished stone is awesome!! The one on the right, I am not sure the stamps used or the bg paper but it is CUTE!! My other favorite colors together, pink & brown. Deb, you hit it right on the head for me!!!
The next one is from SCS Sassybee (Brenda Speck) and my favorite combo again!! These girls are awesome! I love the cupcake with the designer papers! Yummy card, Brenda! Thank you!!!
The next card is from Kim Fritz SCS Stampin-girl. I LOVE Cool Caribbean & Elegant Eggplant together & I have NEVER made a card with that combo yet (what's wrong with me)? I know there's a TON of ladies out there who are going to MISS Cool Caribbean & are stocking up on the cardstock, I'm one of them! Thanks, Kim!

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5 comments on "MORE BRAK's"

Kathy on 12:44 AM CDT said...

Cute cards and a happy belated birthday to you!

SpAzzGiRL on 11:53 AM CDT said...

Donna, I suck as a blogging friend...My card is coming, I swear, made it weeks ago and had good intention, then lost my mind.
Hope your birthday was awesome.

Bev on 12:27 AM CDT said...

Happy Birthday, Donna!!
What a sa-weeeeeeeet bunch of cards you've received!!

Pat on 8:55 AM CDT said...

Lovely cards you've received. Happy belated Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Well the dual cards wasn't intentional. I'm on the BRAK committee and I also send out the Blogger BRAKs so you got BRAKed twice. That's okay, you can never have too many BRAKs. I'm glad you enjoyed the encouragement, that's what makes it all worth while. Knowing it brought a smile to your face. Have a wonderful weekend.

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