Friday, November 23, 2007

Hanna goes Deep in the Heart of Texas...

As I was waking up this morning, I had a vision of Hanna visiting Texas so she can see how big & bright the stars are here. So here she is in all her glory, reaching for the stars in Texas.

Now I'd like to share a special story about the stars here. When I first visited my future DH, we were outside late one night (in the Hill Country about 20 miles west of Austin) with a picnic & blanket looking at the sky chatting. I noticed there just weren't any visible stars in the sky and I thought that was strange especially when I thought about that song...Deep in Heart of Texas where it talks about the big & bright stars - well this California girl was not a believer.

He proceeds to ask me a question, not any question but THE QUESTION (we were already talking marriage though so it wasn't a big surprise) and after he got down on his knees, went into this sweet proposal about wanting to spend the rest of his life with me and showed me the ring - I confused him with starting to cry (they were tears of joy) but managed to get yes out and we kissed, ah. Then I looked up in the sky and lo and behold - those Big & Bright stars appeared! I know it sounds unreal but he was my witness...I had a feeling it was a 'sign' from God of his approval because we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt HE was the ONE who brought us together.

The stars at night are big and bright Deep in the heart of Texas
The prairie sky is wide and high Deep in the heart of Texas
The sage in bloom is like perfume Deep in the heart of Texas
Reminds me of the one I love Deep in the heart of Texas
The coyotes wail along the trail Deep in the heart of Texas
The rabbits rush around the brush Deep in the heart of Texas
The cowboys cry, "Ki-yip-pee-yi" Deep in the heart of Texas
The doggies bawl and bawl and bawl Deep in the heart of Texas

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6 comments on "Hanna goes Deep in the Heart of Texas..."

Kathy on 10:54 AM CST said...

I love this story. How sweet!!!! and I absolutely love all the Hanna cards you've made lately--so darn cute!!!!!! Sigh, I may have to break down and buy some of them. I loved coloring in the image you sent me but don't want to give it away :-)

My Paper World on 12:41 PM CST said...

Awwwwwwwww! very cute card, and I love your sweet star story too!

Velta on 6:35 PM CST said...

Love...Isn't it grand? What a great story...and I love the Hanna card also. You are so creative :)

Summerthyme Studio on 6:58 PM CST said...

Absolutely Love your card!!!!


Rose Ann on 11:35 PM CST said...

This is very cute and creative! Thanks for sharing your story too! I hope you win some Hanna stamps!!

chelemom on 9:59 AM CST said...

What an adorable card! So clever! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, it really made my day!

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