Sunday, November 18, 2007

Simple Gratitude

This is a simple card of Gratitude that I hope makes a big statement. It's going out to several ladies I've been fortunate enough to win blog candy from recently that I am thankful for the goodies.

It's also going out to my two sisters (and their DH's) for blessing me with my recent trip to CA to see them & my precious niece. There really aren't enough words to express my gratitude for those wonderful memories a few weekends ago. Doesn't matter I came back with the worst cold EVER (that I am still nursing but with lessened congestion), doesn't matter I was away from my DH and my fur babies for 4 days (and I missed them), doesn't matter there were a few frustrating moments while I was there (won't re-hash the details).

What does matter is that I had a ride from/to the airport, I had a wonderful home cooked meal when I arrived (and my sister was hurting the whole time she made it), the fact I got to see my Godson Avery for a little while that evening (thanks, Don), the happy faces as I doled out handmade gifts that night (that brought tears to my oldest sister's eyes), the fun my niece had as I showed her all the clothes I brought her (and she was thrilled about them even though they are second-hand), the fact that my sister is going to have another baby I can love on, the sweet moments I saw my niece acknowledge the baby with lifting her momma's shirt real high & patting her tummy and giving a kiss to her little brother (or sister-we'll find out Dec 27), the sacrifice of time friends and family made to come visit me that weekend, the fun we had playing the new cranium (and laughs at certain people's expense), the night I got there my niece called me 'Auntie' for the first time, the one-on-one time her and I had playing, eating, and changing (where I taught her what sound the blender makes, how to say 'Upsy Daisy' and how after every time I finished changing her she hugged me, kissed me & patted me on the back, the endless laughter at her antics, teaching her how to do the new puzzles I got her (and she actually put a few pieces together without my help that last night), how she quickly started to kiss me just like she does her mommy & daddy only, and how utterly blessed, loved and missed I am by my family. I look forward to talking to them several times a week (thankfully we have unlimited long distance) and hope to some day get webcams set up so we can make our visits more 'real'.

My heart aches as I write this because I am not there to see them every day. I don't get to see my niece learn new things every day. I hang onto the sweet memories I have and I find myself counting the days until I see them again. What matters is family and this is the one God put me in and no matter how many miles separate us...there is an invisible thread that passes between our hearts that no one sees but is an instantaneous link up via our love & many memories. Each trip brings more precious memories than the last, I know...I have the pictures & my heart to prove it.

*E.T.A* What does matter is that the morning Gabby's daddy took me to the airport (and I had to kiss her forehead to say good-bye because she was sleeping) my sister called to tell me that morning once she woke up & was eating her breakfast, she heard the front door open and she excitedly said, 'AUNTIE?' and her mommy had to tell her, "No, Auntie had to go back on the plane to Texas. But she'll be back to see you again" you bet I will! That made me cry like a baby when she told me!

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Kathy on 10:55 PM CST said...

This is a gorgeous card and I totally feel your pain about being away from your family. It's hard but hang in there.

Velta on 4:28 AM CST said... now you have me crying. You need to write a book really have talent..of course the card is beautiful too, but when you bring someone who does not even know you to tears...well...what can I COULD write a book...Go on Oprah and sell the book...Better yet, just write the book and it will sell itself :)

Kristine on 2:28 PM CST said...

Ohhh, gosh...that's hard! Sorry, but don't you feel just sooo very blessed that your niece loves you that much?!! Awww...what a sweetie. Much love and blessings wished your way this Thanksgiving. {{hugs}}

Rose Ann on 8:36 PM CST said...

Your card is beautiful, Donna!

I e-mailed you my address a couple of times, but it must have gone into your spam folder. Did you check that? Let me know, okay?

Cedar Creek on 9:49 PM CST said...

That's Sweet! IMHO.

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