Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A doggie, holly leaves, wreath & thanks

Here are a few more Christmas cards to share with y'all - my first card uses the new set Framed Friends - the trees in the background that Asela drew reminded me of Christmas trees so I had to make my doggie in a wintery setting.  The 'snow' is stardust stickles and the 'ornaments' are red rhinestones.  Sparkly details are from Copic atyou spica pens

I love glitter and thought the SU! Baroque Motifs set would make a nice glittery background on a simple Christmas card with holly leaves from Winter Foliage, inked up with a marker to separate the leaves from the berries.   I just love the nestabilities tags I got when sentiments fit perfectly inside!  

After I made the above card, I got the idea to make a holiday wreath with the holly, just inking them up & stamping in a circle (a little tedious but look how pretty it turned out, what do you think?)  I ended up having to cut out the wreath because I smudged the inside (don't you love it you can salvage just about every boo boo made with stamping?) a lot of my cards turn out better than expected because of it.  I like the fact that you can see the detail on the snowflake cb folder inside of it.  

p.s. thanks for all the prayers & thoughts y'all have sent our way regarding the untimely, tragic death of our cousin last week.  We went to the funeral on Sunday and I have to tell you, out of all these years of losing family & friends it was the first time it was an accident caused by another person that was the reason I was there and it has been extremely hard to deal with (unfortunately it was not for others since another cousin was murdered by someone about 20 yrs ago - I know it brought back a lot of memories for John).

We were told by her dad that her boss is planning a $100,000 reward for information on the person responsible.  Of course we all know that will not bring Cathy back but it will bring some closure to family & friends who feel robbed by the irresponsible actions of the person who caused Cathy to not be around to share her love & assist in the raising of her 3 children who are dealing with more than any child should at their ages, especially during this 'most wonderful time of the year'  The only thing I find solace in is that Cathy will be spending Christmas with Jesus this year (thanks to Jada who shared a heartfelt poem with me about that after I heard the news).  
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10 comments on "A doggie, holly leaves, wreath & thanks"

Melanie on 1:00 PM CST said...

Love these cards, Christmas spin on the dog and I amde a simialr wreath card last week too but not with the holly, hee hee! too cute!!

Her boss sound sliek an aweosme person, I am so sorry to hear this is not the first life on his side that was cut short by another :( hugs & prayers

Christi on 2:35 PM CST said...

Your cards are gorgeous girl!! Still praying for you and your family. I cannot imagine but I am glad that her boss is doing what he is doing.

Rose Ann on 3:39 PM CST said...

All of these are wonderful and each so beautiful and creative!!

I continue to pray for you and your family during this difficult family loss. Hugs!!

retiredheather on 5:20 PM CST said...

Wonderful cards. Blessings to your family in this difficult time. Hopefully the ending of this tragedy will be better.
Happy Holidays

Catherine on 9:03 PM CST said...

All your cards are beautiful, Donna.

Sorry I haven't been here lately and missed your post regarding your cousin. I'm so sorry to hear this horrible new and especially this time of the year. Toni and I will pray for you family.

Charmaine (CharmWarm) on 5:44 AM CST said...

These cards are all gorgeous, Donna! I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. . .oh my goodness. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Julia Aston on 12:06 PM CST said...

I love that first framed image with the popped up dog - the other two are very pretty also - so sorry for the loss of your cousin - how tragic all way around.... my prayers are with you and her family....

Vanessa on 6:56 PM CST said...

I am so sorry to hear about your family's loss. Much GRACE to you all.

Carolina on 1:21 AM CST said...

Oh my heart broke a little for John...poor guy to have to go through another loss like this. Huge hugs to you both!

What an amazing boss to offer up reward money. It's a wonderful gesture.

Beautiful cards friend. I know you're probably not in the mood to create, but thanks for sharing them with us. HUGS!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) on 12:17 AM CST said...

Ohhh these are truly beautiful and definitely come from your heart!!! I'm sure thinking a lot about you and John and keeping all of you in prayer!!! Hugs my friend!!!

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