Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ashley wants to know - Do you have a life? Do I have a life?

Heck yea! Ashley saw a blog post on Michelle's blog that has a list of 239 movies & you can check next to the ones you've seen - if it totals 85 or more you don't have a life. I'd love to participate in this fun little activity - BUT I have to go watch a movie!

HA - seriously, I LOVE movies, so does my DH and it would take me much less time to take this list & mark the ones I HAVEN'T seen because it's just a FEW. If you'd like to see a list of my favorite movies - just check out my complete profile. Pin It

3 comments on "Ashley wants to know - Do you have a life? Do I have a life?"

Ashley on 10:38 AM CDT said...

A girl after my own heart! I don't think watching lots of movies means you don't have a life. It means you do have a life - you're social!

scrappintrish on 8:45 AM CDT said...

haha. I'm with you. I watch movies all of the time. Not so much anymore with the little one crawling all over but I still try to watch them. I guess I don't have a life either. What the hey! lol..

Anonymous said...

You do watch too many movies! ha ha. No, sometimes not enough!

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